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We’ve seen simple birthday parties from celebrities, and we’ve seen some extravagant parties from the Kardashians — but Jennifer Love Hewitt’s birthday party for her daughter may be one of our favorites.

On Nov 20, Hewitt posted a series of photos to her Instagram story, showing a rare glimpse into the family’s personal life. They’re a compilation of photos of her eldest child, Autumn’s LoL doll-themed birthday party.

In the first photo, she said, “Autumn, my sweet girl wanted an LoL party! So we did it! I can’t believe my baby is going to be 8! Thank you to everyone who helped this happen.” She then tagged a slew of people who helped her, from the backdrops to the standees.

She then posted a bunch of adorable photos of the LoL Doll set-up, from different dolls from the collection in standee form to a perfectly themed birthday cake.

Hewitt and fellow actor Brian Hallisay have three children together: Autumn, now 8, Atticus, 6, and recently, they gave birth to their son Aidan back in Sept 2021. They secretly wed after the birth of their eldest Autumn.

After Autumn was born, Hewitt did an interview with Us Weekly on this shocking part about motherhood. “There are still days when you wake up and you’re like, ‘I’m not going to be able to do this.’ And then the day’s over, and you’re like, ‘I did that! This is awesome! I can do it tomorrow.’ And then you wake up, and you do it again. It’s great.”


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