Amnesia Rebirth: The Scariest Moments In The Game

Although most agree that Amnesia Rebirth is the tamest entry in the series, the game has its share of understated, spooky moments. Like other Amnesia games, fear is amplified through the dread of what may come to be and not what you actually see in front of you. Rebirth also has some jump scares in there and chase sequences, but it's a decent call back to the series' beginnings.

While containing a somewhat convoluted story and muddled pacing, these creepy moments make Amnesia Rebirth worth trying for yourself, offering a unique outlook on grief and trauma.

7 Moving Slowly So Your Match Stays Alight

Through the game, your main light source is a box of matches that you can refill through the experience. In a game that amps up tension from the constant edge of fearing something might happen, not being able to run and see at the same time is daunting. While holding a lit match and running, the match will burn out quickly, which doesn’t happen while walking.

This would happen in real life if you decided to run around with a lit match, although video games don’t always hold the same amount of realism. Having to move slowly to keep matches alight enhances the terror since you know you can’t run without risking becoming trapped in the darkness.

6 Chase Through The Sewers

The sewer chase is strange, partly because what makes it creepy isn't the creature design, as the ghoul doesn't look as terrifying in the underwater setting, but because of the tension of having to get away from the ghoul before it catches you. Having to run away from the enemy means turning your back and no longer being able to tell how close they are to you, which is what makes chase sequences so scary to play.

Think about Mr. X in the Resident Evil 2 remake. He's a scary guy when you see him up close but even more so when you're trying to figure out which direction he's coming from by the sound of his footsteps. In this particular part of Amnesia Rebirth, the ghoul chases you through a small sequence in the sewers where you must swim away and finally get through a door to escape.

5 Flashes During High Fear

The Fear mechanic is an idea passed over from previous Amnesia entries, with its role in Rebirth focusing on similar aspects. Whenever Tasi (the protagonist) witnesses disturbing events, encounters enemies, stands in the dark for too long, and many other elements that would frighten anyone, her fear level increases.

With a high fear level, flashes will appear on the screen. Not only is it startling whenever they happen – especially with your headphones at full blast – but it's a reminder of how short your time is and that you have to move fast.

4 Reunion With Yasmin Chabani

Yasmin Chabani was another of the crewmates on the same plane as Tasi and a friend of hers. The next time you really get to speak to Yasmin, she's transformed into one of the Harvesters, where you find out she killed all the villagers. Her new transformation doesn't cause Yasmin to do you any harm at first, as during this part of the game, Yasmin helps you out of a trap and locks you out of the building she's in before she can harm you.

Yasmin is not only an interesting character, as someone fighting against the change, but delivers on one of the most frightening scenes of the game, as she talks to Tasi before letting her down from the trap.

3 Empress Revelations

Every moment with the Empress will become etched into your mind. The sound design of her voice, ethereal character design, and motives make her more than just the big bad of the game. The Empress is also someone who decides the fate of your ending depending on the choices Tasi makes. One of the creepiest moments with the Empress is when she reveals why she's committed these acts, explaining everything to Tasi.

This moment makes you understand how much of a disadvantage you're at compared to the terrors surrounding you. While you can run and hide to save your skin, you can't fight back and defeat the enemy. The same goes for the Empress, who acts as a type of god figure in the game.

2 Hunting Grounds

The Hunting Grounds is a room of danger you must travel through to progress through the story. Trouble is at every corner, meaning you have to be cautious while also avoiding the Harvester tracking you through the grounds. Moving objects to and from pressure plates and hiding in the dark is the way to escape, as it won't be as easy as sneaking down one clear path.

Your time spent in the Hunting Grounds truly does feel like you're being hunted for sport with a slim chance of survival. Luckily, in the world of video games, you can restart a level as many times as possible until you beat the area.

1 The Ghoul Nest

The ghoul nest is terrifying because it's unexpected, becoming worse and more infested the deeper you travel. One of the places you can come across in this segment will have some ghouls inside with their backs to you. They'll soon realize you're there and come running at you. Ghouls inhabit all areas of this infested area and lunge at you from the darkness.

It's one of the most intense moments of Amnesia Rebirth, as, at this point in the game, you will have learned more about the ghouls. You'll also have all the previous experiences with scary scenes, mixed with the fear of alerting more of these ghouls to your location.

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