Apex Legends: Most Wholesome Friendships

Apex Legends has a lot of characters with, well, a lot of character. Compared to other battle royales, Apex has dense and intriguing lore, which makes its way to the game through dialogue, abilities, maps, and more. Each season brings new bits and pieces about the Legends, the games, the world of the game (the one we play), and the inter-character interactions.

Every fan has their own headcanon, but if you look at the lore, which Legends are friends? Which are enemies? There's a lot to talk about when it comes to the interpersonal relationships of these warriors, and while a lot of it is very dramatic and quite tense, there is also a fair share of beautiful friendships, budding romances, and amiable teamwork. But who has the wholesome, or perhaps best friendship? These entries explore some of the more positive relationships between Legends.

7 Octane And Lifeline

With both of these Legends being bubbly, confident, and incredibly skilled, it's no wonder they get along so well. And no wonder, as those familiar with the lore know that these two have been friends since before they both entered the game. They have similar backgrounds, with super-rich parents, and share an almost sibling-like relationship, with Octane often being the patronizer of the pair.

Their interactions in-game are full of endearing teasing, quips, and encouragement for the other, and the two make a great pair for duos.

6 Horizon And Everybody

Horizon takes the term 'mom-friend' to a whole new level. Nothing is better in a stressful fight in Apex than getting a "wee pick me up" from a maternal yet brave teammate.

Her lore explains her kind-hearted and almost protective manner, which manifests itself in the in-game dialogue. Her “Thank You” quips include her calling her teammates "dear" and "dearie," which is incredibly endearing, and then add the accent on top of that, and you've got anyone on your side.

While being a great character to play alongside narrative-wise, Horizon also fits pretty tightly into the game's meta, making her an invaluable asset to any team.

5 Wattson And Crypto

Both of these legends have had their lives forever changed by the games (for better and for worse). But that's not all they have in common.

Both of these legends are experts with technology and have come to respect and admire each other's skills and knowledge. A more professional and wary relationship blossomed into a fan favorite wholesome friendship, signaling some exciting character development for Crypto.

What makes their friendship all the more inspiring, is their polarizing engagement with The Syndicate. Wattson owes her whole life to The Syndicate, whereas they are the source of all of Crypto's misfortune and pain.

4 Mirage And Rampart

Like Octane and Lifeline, these two share what many view as a sibling-esque relationship. While never actually (or hardly ever) being genuine with the other, it's clear that these two have a fondness for each other. Mirage is known for being a little shy and guarded emotionally, and it seems like Rampart is just too proud to actually open up, so the two have developed their own language that fits their friendship perfectly.

Incessantly teasing, berating, and bullying each other, it's a wonder these two can ever actually be a productive team.

3 Wattson And Caustic

Similar to Wattson and Crypto, Wattson and caustic both have great respect for each other's scientific minds. Fans are a fan (ha) of the villain coming out of their shell archetype that Caustic kind of exhibits in relation to Wattson in the lore. While usually a punitive, ruthless, overall jerk, there is some softness created when it comes to him and Wattson.

Perhaps it is a bit of projection, but the amiable friendship that these two share has been the source of many fan theories and fan-fiction projects.

2 Loba And Valkyrie

Okay, so ignore the whole intense and dramatic love triangle (and the fact that they sometimes have to shoot each other), and Loba and Valkyrie have a really intriguing arc going on.

While both are recovering from past trauma (seemingly a constant for every Legend), the two have been able to find joy, relaxation, and perhaps more in each other's company. Pay attention to their dialogue when on a team together, and you'll release they've got great chemistry — it is a bit awkward that you have to listen to it, though.

While this list veers away from the romantic relationships in the games (that would be a large article), it's clear these two have a great thing going on even outside the context of romance.

1 Pathfinder And Everybody

What's better than a warm fun-loving personality from a cold metal robot? Pretty much nothing. Pathfinder has what the young people on the internet call "golden retriever energy." It's nice, it's helpful, and you kind of want to scratch it under the chin.

Playing on a team with Pathfinder means a lot of encouragement, a lot of compliments, and sometimes a lot of quirks. The robot does have strong personal attachments to some of the earlier Legends like Wraith, and of course, the ever-illusive "creators" it is on a quest to find, but this scout gets along with just about everyone in the games (and that's saying something).

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