Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: A Guide To All Of The Offering Altars (And Where They Are Located)

Vikings historically used offering altars to offer up gifts to the Norse gods, and they have been included in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The offering altars in the game ask Eivor to donate a specific number of a single item. It could be fish, silver, or animal parts to name a few, and usually, the items can be collected nearby.

Once you give the appropriate items then you will be rewarded with a skill point for your efforts. There are 11 offering altars in all and only those truly dedicated to beating Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will be able to complete them all!

Cerneley Offering Altar

  • Location: Southwest of Sudawella Monastery, Ledecestrescire

This offering altar required you to bring it three hare foot, and luckily you don’t have to travel far to find it. There are even arrows at the altar in case you made the combat mistake of using them all and not replenishing them. If you travel deeper into the surrounding woods you can find these creatures, but make sure you crouch to stay quiet so you don’t spook them before you are ready to shoot.

Elisdon Altar

  • Location: Southwest of Ravensthorpe in Grantebridgescire

This altar requires a bit more work, and it can be difficult if you haven’t yet upgraded the Fishing Hut in your settlement. You need to bring ten small Bullhead, which is a type of fish and you can either use your fishing line or shoot them with your bow. The easiest way to acquire them is to fast travel to Ravensthorpe, board a boat, and head east along the river toward Grantebridgescire as this is where this fish is often found.

Cedd’s Stone

  • Location: East of Elmenham, East Anglia

This is probably the easiest Offering Altar to complete in the game as all you have to do is deposit 200 silver into the bowl. However, it does tie into one of the East Anglia World Events called the Green Children of Anglia. You can find a guide on how to complete this quest here, but it all starts when Eivor’s silver is stolen from the altar.

The Wroeken

  • Location: Northeast of Wesberie, Sciropescire

You need to collect five small Brown Trout for this offering altar which isn’t too time-consuming. If you’re lucky, you might already have it on your person if you have an interest in fishing along your journey.

The best place to find this fish is to head north along the Afon Hefren River to the bend near where it connects to the Trent River. If you use Odin’s Sight and look to the center of the river then you will see numerous schools of this fish.

St. Leonard’s Altar

  • Location: South of Crawleah, Suthsexe

It might seem a bit excessive to have to give 50 leather to this altar, but it is so easy to acquire you won’t even miss it. You could head to a local Trading Post and buy it from there along with some runes, or you could take it upon yourself and shoot several animals. If you are someone who loves looting chests then you probably already have this as that is a passive way to acquire the items you often need for upgrades.

Walhdenu Altar

  • Location: Southwest of Halstead Outpost, Essexe

You will be asked to give 50 iron ore at the Walhdenu Altar and there are several ways in which you can collect it. First, you can search chests in major areas as they often contain this prized material. Second, it can be bought from the Trading Post along with a few incredible weapons. Finally, you can send Synin up into the air to mark iron ore in the area around you.


  • Location: West of Glowecestre, Glowecestrescire

This altar asks you to give it ten small Bullhead and you can head right back to the same spot in Grantebridgscire where you caught the Bullhead for the Cerneley Offering Altar. You can use your Fast Travel to make it here quickly and back, as there is a viewpoint right by the Offering Altar.

Dobby’s Altar

  • Location: Dalby Forest, Eurviscire

You need to bring five fabric with you to complete this Offering Altar, and unfortunately, it can be pretty hard to come across. It can only be found by looting chests, so your best bet is to explore the areas where the storyline takes you, whether they are good or bad. It can take some time so you might have to come back a while later to complete this one as there is no way to know which chests will reward you with fabric.

Mam Tor Stone

  • Location: West of Deoraby Spar Cavern, Snotinghamscire

It can seem like an impossible task to find the three titanium needed for this Offering Altar. However, if you are an expert looter then this should be a breeze for you as it is most commonly find it in treasure chests with tungsten or nickel ingots.

It can be found randomly on the map as well and it will be marked as a stack of ingots in these cases, but this is a relatively rare occurrence.

Ymir’s Altar (Asgard)

  • Location: North of Indre Holm, Asgard

This Offering Altar is a bit excessive as it asks you to bring 30 Ymir’s Tear Stone, which is all of the treasure markings in Asgard. It will take you some time, and a bit of trial and error, but you will be rewarded with five skill points.

Ymir’s Altar (Jotunheim)

  • Location: North of Aegir’s Hall, Jotunheim

If you thought Asgard was bad in terms of collecting items, just wait until you reach Jotunheim. You will have to collect all 33 Ymir’s Blood Stone to complete this Offering Altar and they are scattered across the map. However, this will once again reward you with five skill points, so it’s not all bad.

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