Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn Of Ragnarok – How To Get Silica

Ubisoft delivered an ambitious DLC with Dawn Of Ragnarok and there’s now more than ever to discover in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. One of the discoveries you’ll make early on into the DLC is getting your hands on the Hugr-Rip, a legendary dwarf item that allows you to harvest powers from fallen enemies.

There are five unique skills the Hugr-Rip can hold, and each skill comes with two more upgrades players can unlock with a rare resource called Silica. However, it can only be found in specific locations, and you’ll always need your crew of Einherjar to obtain this valuable resource.

Where To Find Silica In Dawn Of Ragnarok

Silica can be found in dwarven Mylnas. Mylna locations (or mills in English) are marked with water wheels on the map, and their function is exactly the same as churches in the base game: They’re raidable locations with lots of resources to pillage, Silica being the most important of them all.

Each raid location is marked with red axes, and there are a total of ten raidable Mylnas in Dawn of Ragnarok.

You’ll also need “Fragments” unique to each power to upgrade the Hugr-Rip, but since these Fragments are obtained from enemies you’ve slain in Svartalfheim, they’re significantly easier to collect compared to Silica.

When you have enough Silica and Fragments for the power you wish to upgrade, bring them to a blacksmith and purchase the upgrade you desire for the Hugr-Rip. Blacksmiths are located at Dwarf Shelters hidden across Svartalfheim.

While you can start your raid with a stealthy approach, you’ll still need your crew members to knock down pillars and open heavy doors to gather Silica.

Keep in mind that some Silica pillars may be hidden behind breakable walls, or may require you to solve a small puzzle. These locations may also house “Books of Knowledge”, which give you new skills and make you deadlier than ever. To get your hands on some of these upgrades and resources, you’ll need to use the new powers you’ve obtained thanks to the Hugr-Rip or solve light beam puzzles.

The main quests of Dawn of Ragnarok will also reward you with some Silica, but the best way to farm Silica is raiding dwarven Mylnas. Each Mylna holds about 10 Silica. You’ll find even more Silicas in the watermills you can raid at higher levels.

Each power upgrade requires five Silica and 20 Fragments that are unique to the power you want to upgrade. The fragments you’ll need to upgrade Hugr-Rip can be found by killing enemies. Giant ravens will drop “Giant Feather”, meanwhile Muspel enemies have a chance to drop “Magma Blood” and “Living Spark." Jotuns will drop “Jotun Seidr” and “Frozen Blood”.

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