Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn Of Ragnarok – Where To Find All Eitri And Gullnamar Mysteries

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After the launch of the Dawn of Ragnarok DLC for Assassin's Creed Valhalla, new regions were introduced in the game, with a dozen of collectibles scattered all around these regions. The collectibles you will find in these newly added regions are Wealth, Artifacts, and Mysteries. Finding the collectibles in every area is necessary to complete the Over the Hills trophy in Dawn of Ragnarok DLC.

The following guide will discuss the Mysteries you can collect in Assassin's Creed Valhalla and where to find all the Mysteries in the Eitri and Gullnamar regions of the Dawn of Ragnarok DLC.

What Are Mysteries In Assassin's Creed Valhalla?

Mysteries are memory fragments or fragments that are scattered all over the map. Collecting a single Mystery will initiate a short quest where you need to complete an objective or a task. Some Mysteries will also put you up against powerful bosses or require you to complete a puzzle to earn experience points and other rewards. There are many types of Mysteries. These include:

  • Dwarven Altar
  • Dwarf in Distress
  • World Events

Mysteries are marked on the map when you use a viewpoint to synchronize the nearby area. The Mysteries appear as a blue icon on the map when you synchronize the nearest sync point. You can head to their location to collect and start a new event.

Below are the locations of the Mysteries that you will find in the Eitri and Gullnamar regions of the Dawn of Ragnarok DLC.

Gullnamar Region Mysteries Locations

There are a total of seven Mysteries that you will find in the Gullnamar Region. You will find most of them in the south and southeast of the region. The locations for the Mysteries in this region are below:

Mysteries NameLocation
Har Smida Mythical MemoryIn Har Smida, to the southeast of Jewelers' District, there will be a door that leads down to a cave. Follow the path down and take the route on your right. Go down, and you will find an anvil covered with the golden thread of hair. Interact with the anvil, and you will see the memory of Thor's wife Sif and why Loki cut off her golden hair.
Hyrrokin's Gift World EventHead to the Mystery marker on the south of Old City, and you will see a bear attacking a dwarf. The dwarf, named Frodri, will ask for your help to defeat the bear. Speak with the dwarf after killing the bear, and he will tell you to help him in disposing of the ring cursed by a Jotun Witch. The cursed ring only brings bad luck to the wearer and has been of no use to the dwarf. On your way to the mountain, Frodri will eat a mushroom from the ground, which will get poisoned due to the bad luck that the ring brings with it. He will want you to get some food for him. Search the area for any food you can find or speak with him again to offer him food from your rations. Frodri will be thankful to you and continue on the journey. On your way to the mountain, you will come across a snake. Kill the snake and continue further. Once at the lava, Frodri will take off the cursed ring and throw it inside the burning ashes, but he will stumble and fall into the lava with the cursed ring. The cursed ring will get demolished, along with its wearer.
Dwarven Altar (Auga Altar)You will find this mystery in Auga Altar. You have to capture five Pollocks and take them to the altar. To capture Pollocks, head to the river north of the altar and catch them with a rod. Once you have five Pollocks, go to the altar and make the offering to get the reward.
Carpe Diem World EventYou will need to get the Instant Horde upgrade for 20 Living Spark and 5 Silica to complete this world event. Once you have the upgrade unlocked, head to the Mystery marker on the map and talk to the weeping lady named Liv. She will tell you to bring her husband, Bo, back from death, so she can say goodbye to him. Use the Instant Horde ability using the Power of Rebirth to resurrect him. Once the power drains, kill the nearby Muspel enemies or get it from the Hugr flowers in the village. You will need to do this three times for the lady to tell her goodbyes. At the last time, Bo will tell you that she is not her wife and she robbed him when he slipped from the roof to his death. She wanted to rob his house for the treasure he had hidden inside, but there was no hidden treasure in the house. Speak with the lady again after she leaves to get the keys to Bo's home and end the world event.
Dwarven Altar (Gullhild Altar)You will get the mystery from the altar in Gullhild Altar. You will need to capture five Hare's Foot and bring them to the altar. Look for hares around the hills where the altar is and kill them with your arrows to get the Hare's Foot. Make the offering on the altar when you get the Hare's Foot to complete the event.
Dwarves in Distress (Svaladal)Head to the Mysteries marker on the map in Svaladal and kill the wolves attacking the dwarf. Once you have slain the wolves, speak with the dwarf to complete the mystery. They will let you in on secret information and give you an extra reward once you meet them at their shelter.
Dwarves in DistressYou will find another dwarf being held hostage by the enemies in the region. Kill the enemies around the cage and free the dwarf to end the event.

Eitri Region Mysteries Locations

Eitri is a small region in the middle of the map. You will only find one Mystery in this region and other collectibles like Artifacts and Wealth.

Mysteries NameLocation
Remnants World EventIn the southeast of the Eitri region, speak with the dwarf known as Bolri. He will be looking around for something that he lost. Follow him to his house and use your Odin sight to scan the area for the missing piece. Interact with the missing piece and give it to Bolri. Go to the dwarf and speak to him again to tell him he should leave the town. He will ask you the reason for that, and you will have to pick one of the two dialogue options. It does not matter what option you choose, as both of the choices will complete the mystery with the same consequences.

That's all of the Mysteries that you will find in the Eitri and Gullnamar regions of the Dawn of Ragnarok DLC expansion. You will get the Over the Hills trophy after finding all collectibles in the four regions of this DLC.

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