Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Players Kill 30 Million Enemies, Unlocking New Scythe

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla players were tasked with killing five million enemies to unlock a brand-new weapon – the Eclipse, a new mythical scythe.

But it only took a few hours for players to hit that number, and now they're sitting on 30 million enemies slain. It's a community challenge, so that means anyone with Valhalla can get the scythe now – all you have to do is kill at least one enemy. Easy, eh? Well, you also have to navigate Ubisoft Connect's menus, so maybe it's not that easy.

Once you've killed a single enemy, simply head to Ubisoft Connect and you can claim the challenge, adding the Eclipse to your inventory. With it being mythical, it even has a perk attached – every time you fail a critical hit, your chance of getting one increases by ten points. Chuck on some critical runes and what you have is a beast of a weapon that will continue to shred enemies. Just maybe not millions.

There are six days left on the community challenge, so there's an entire week to get the Eclipse. With the collective goal out of the way, it's not much of a challenge anymore – think of it as a neat freebie from Ubisoft.

But if you're done with Valhalla, a gargantuan feat given how much content is crammed into the open-world Viking blockbuster, then there's more exciting news to tickle your Assassin's Creed itch. Origins, the first in the soft-reboot of more RPG-oriented games, might be getting a 60 FPS update. Ubisoft is "looking into" adding support for consoles.

It's similarly beefy so it's a bit of an investment, but it's just as renowned despite its drastic changing of a formula that has been going strong for three console generations now.

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