Bayonetta 3 Will Feature Rideable Demons

PlatinumGames' Bayonetta 3 will allow players to summon and manipulate demons in combat, including the ability to ride them as you please.

Bayonetta 3's newest feature was briefly shown during the project's latest gameplay trailer, but now Nintendo has decided to draw more attention to this aspect of the game. As shared by Nintendo of America on Twitter, Bayonetta takes center stage with her new abilities, allowing her to ride various demons. Some "other surprises" from the team were also mentioned, but no further details were provided as of now.

During the game's latest footage, this intriguing ability was briefly teased in an episode where Umbra Witch summoned the giant spider demon and then rode it, jumping from one building to another. From what it seems, Bayonetta 3's combat will probably offer the widest range of different abilities — with some clear inspirations from Platinum's previously canceled game Scalebound.

In Scalebound, players had to bond with their own huge dragon to dominate the battlefield. While the game was eventually scrapped by Microsoft in 2017, it seems some of its rich combat mechanics may now surface in Platinum's upcoming titles, such as Bayonetta 3.

With the ability to summon and control different demons in Bayonetta 3, fans can expect it to include special abilities you can level up during the game, eventually summoning bigger and more devastating demons at your disposal. Considering how the series is already known for its over-the-top action sequences, things might get even more twisted in this upcoming chapter.

If you think that riding your demons isn't enough to be completely blown away, you may reconsider your thoughts as the game will feature a second Bayonetta with a completely different look and a fascinating new playable character known as Viola. Bayonetta 3 will be available from October 28 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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