Best Hidden Quests In Immortals Fenyx Rising

Immortals Fenyx Rising is full of secrets and hidden areas to find, as long as you’re willing to look. One of the best things about the game is the many hidden quests scattered throughout the map. These don’t appear in Far Sight and will only appear when triggered, usually by visiting or interacting with a point of interest.

Few have actual rewards, though all give some nice insight into more of the Greek mythos, and if you particularly love the narration by Prometheus and Zeus, it’s an added treat. As of yet, it doesn’t appear that anyone has found all the hidden quests, nor does anyone know how many there actually are or if there is a reward for finding them all. However, we’ve found ten in total, and below you can find their locations listed so you don’t have to run around aimlessly as we did.

Updated February 1st, 2021: The new DLC for Immortals Fenyx Rising titled “A New God” has just landed, offering players a new area and new story content. For those still looking to complete the main game and cover everything that there is to find in the Golden Isle, hidden quests are probably going to be one of the things you’re looking for.

We’ve compiled a list of all the hidden quests in the game that have been found just below, as well as the locations of each one. Make sure you complete these quests during your Greek adventures.

Legendary or Bust

Legendary or Bust is a quest that appears after the player has found all wraith lairs and defeated the wraiths within, we have a guide to all locations just here. Once the quest unlocks, you’ll want to head to the base of Athena’s statue to find a secret door where you can insert the crests you’ve collected from the wraiths.

Enter into the vault (don’t worry, there are no puzzles) and watch the cutscenes that see Fenyx become a god, and additionally rewards you with the rather awesome mythical armor set — the Armor of Bright Divinity.

Hot Pot

Hot Pot is one of Ares’s additional quests, so after you have completed his main questline, speak to him again in the Hall of the Gods to pick up this fun little secret quest. Not only does this quest have a funny little storyline, but it involves you having to jump into a pot to complete a vault inside.

This leads to some rather interesting mechanics where Ares shakes the pot to get things in the vault working again. This was definitely one of the best vaults due to its unique nature, and the girdle storyline gives a funny insight into the romantic relationship between Ares and Aphrodite.

A Proper Sendoff

In the Clashing Rocks area, on one of the small islands to the north of the mainland, you can find your very first hidden quest. This quest is to do with one of the blue ghosts floating nearby, which you’ve probably seen a fair few of by now.

You have to collect the proper ingredients and bring them back to where the quest starts in order to give the poor soul a proper burial. The other items are marked on your map and are found on the nearby islands.

Oceans of Offspring

The Oceans of Offspring hidden quest is found in the Eternal Valley of Spring, just south of the Hall of the Gods. There are actually two ways to initiate this quest. There is a hidden cave close to a waterfall that you can enter, and inside you’ll find a treasure chest, some pomegranates, and statues of Tethys and Oceanos; this will kickstart the quest.

The quest map marker will prompt you to head out into the ocean further north of your location. (This is also the second place where you can start the quest). Dive down and press a button, then head to the next location marked on your map, where a clamshell has now been opened and you can see a statue of Hera.

Crazy Cupid Love

This is one of the simplest hidden quests out there. You’ll likely stumble across this quest while you’re in the Palace of Aphrodite, where you can find a statue of Eros (a man with angel wings).

Prometheus and Zeus will start talking about how he shot Helen with one of his arrows of love so… that’s what you have to do. Climb up the building next to where the quest began to find a statue of Helen and shoot the arrow target that is next to her. Quest complete.

A Trojan Gift

In the Vallery of Eternal Spring, you can find yet another hidden quest, this time quite close to the Gates of Tartaros. The area is marked by a large golden statue and a building. There is also a large necklace on the floor with the pieces missing.

Around the area are the missing pieces you need, though some small amount of puzzle-solving on your behalf will be needed for one of them. The other two are easily found, with one on the banquet table and another close to the necklace itself.

Hammer Baby

On an island to the east of The Forgelands, you can find your next hidden quest, which tells the story of how Hephaistos was raised after he was cast from Mount Olympos, as well as how he got his revenge and returned.

The quest won’t start until you lift the statue of the baby hammer, and after this, it’ll direct you to place it between the statues of the two women. You’ll then be prompted to travel north, back on the mainland, to find Hera’s throne (this will be marked on your map). Interacting with the throne will complete your quest.

It ain’t Much, but it’s Honest Work

In the Grove of Kleos, there is sprawling farmland and while it might look largely empty, it’s here that you will find your next hidden quest. The quest asks you to defeat three different enemies that are “plaguing the farmhouses”.

Presumably, this quest will begin whenever you come across and defeat any one of these three monsters in whichever order. After that, you just need to defeat the other two, but luckily their locations are shown on the map, making this another super easy quest.

Apple of His Eye

The next hidden quest can be found in War’s Den and is kind of an adorable love story, as long as you ignore the fact that Aphrodite is married to Hephaistos… On the location shown on the map, you will find an apple, which Prometheus explains is a symbol of love.

You will be tasked with taking this apple to a statue of Aphrodite as a gift from Ares. The statue is on the small island to the southwest of where you found the apple, so you’ll have to throw it to the island to transport it there safely. Adorably, Prometheus explains that the statue is beaming after being given the apple.

Sight Unseen

Near the end of the game, when you’re climbing the King’s Peak area to reach the top, you should come across this hidden quest. You’ll find a statue of Zeus off to the side of the main path that will kickstart the quest.

You’ll want to follow his gaze to a statue of Poseidon, then follow his gaze to a statue of Hades… then follow his gaze to a cave where you will find all three statues together, as well as your reward.

A Symbolic Victory

Spread throughout the Golden Isle are four fragments of Nike, the goddess of victory. These appear like small blue fairies in cages that you have to release. Once you have found and released all four, this will begin the quest called A Symbolic Victory.

The quest will lead you to a small chamber near the Hall of the Gods, where you can now release Nike. There is a small reward, though it isn’t anything special. If you want to know all the locations of the fragments, you can check out our handy guide.

Our Dearest Inventor

Arguably the best-hidden quest in the game is Our Dearest Inventor. When you complete certain Myth Challenges you will hear a recording of Daidalos speaking; there are 11 Myth Challenges where this happens (you can see their locations on the in-game map above).

On completion of the last required challenge, this hidden quest will begin and prompt you to travel to Daidalos’s workshop. It’s marked on your map, but it is just below Atmos Mechanikos for easy fast travel navigation. This quest not only gives you the Wings of Dawnlight Revels as a reward but also unveils the origins of the islands that you have been exploring too.

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