Biomutant Classes, Races, And Mutations Revealed

The biggest mystery surrounding Biomutant now is just what happens in the first five minutes of the game. We’ve seen the world, we’ve seen combat, and we’ve been told that your character can mutate wildly with new abilities and powers, but where it all begins has been shrouded in secrecy.

Until now. The latest issue of Famitsu walks us through how to create a new character in Biomutant, including details on classes, races, and just what these mutations might do. And as explained way back when Biomutant was first revealed, your choices during character creation can wildly change your appearance.

Biomutant starts by choosing your race. There are six races to choose from, and each will have a different set of starting stats. Primal provides a good balance of stats with high agility and low intelligence, so it won’t be good at manipulating Cy. Damdon has high strength and is good for melee combat. Both Rex and Phil have high intelligence but different physical stats. Hyra has both high strength and resilience, but low everything else. And Margel has a well-balanced set of stats with an emphasis on charisma and “bargaining power.”

After that comes mutations, which can have a dramatic effect on both your stats and appearance. By manipulating the left thumbstick, you can choose which stat to emphasize above all others. Choosing intelligence will give you a bigger head, while agility will make your character more lithe and streamlined.

Next up is a state Famitsu calls “tolerance,” but this might be better translated as “resistance.” You can choose between four elemental damage resistances, including heat, cold, radioactivity, and toxic (or “biohazard” as Google translates). This doesn’t change your character’s appearance bar for changing the color of your right arm to suit whatever damage resistance you chose.

Fur pattern and color come next, and this step seems to be the only one that’s purely cosmetic and doesn’t actually change anything about stats/abilities.

Finally we get to classes, which determine your character’s starting loadout and abilities.‘’Dead Eye comes with a pistol and a sword and two abilities that improve ranged attacks. Commando seems to come with an assault rifle and an ability that improves melee damage when below 20% health. Cyfreaks can fire “sparkballs” and have increased natural energy recovery. The Saboteur can dual wield one-handed weapons and seems like the natural rogue. And finally, the Sentinel has 10% increased base armor and comes armed with an umbrella.

I think. It’s hard to tell from the screenshot–it might be some sort of spear.

There’s also a special pre-order class called the Mercenary, which will also get dual-wielding and comes armed with a katana and wakizashi. But you’ll have to buy Biomutant before May 25 in order to get it.

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