Bizarre Seinfeld-Inspired Horror Game Sinfeld Remastered Is Coming To PS5

For some reason, Seinfeld has been singled out as the perfect material out of which to craft a horror game. Sinfeld Remastered is the title of said game, and we have indie developer RareBird Games to thank (blame?) for it.

Not only is this game an actual thing, but it’s also now destined for PlayStation 5 consoles as a standalone game. The game started as a fan project on PS-exclusive game creation platform Dreams.

If you’re struggling to picture how such a game would look and feel like, we can tell you it’s an “action horror comedy parody” which also borrows some inspiration from big titles in the horror genre like Silent Hill and P.T., as well as Resident Evil.

“We’re huge fans of Hideo Kojima,” says Austin Stock – game director, animator, and voice actor for the lead character Donathan. “When [Kojima] made P.T., my first thought was, ‘Oh, this would be perfect for Seinfeld. There’s an apartment, there’s a hallway, it’s an entire playground.”

Along with mandatory references to the Seinfeld universe, Sinfeld Remastered will also apparently contain tributes to video games such as Metal Gear Solid and Spider-Man. If you’re still not quite picturing the whole vibe, check out the game’s announcement trailer below.

“People always ask us, ‘how did you come up with this?'” Stock mentioned in an interview with Esquire last year. “We watched Seinfeld pretty much all the time. Since we’re Canadian, we’d have to drive up in an RV to Edmonton, and we would collect box sets of the DVDs, and we would watch the same episode over and over again.”

Judging by Donathan’s terrifyingly…um, youthful visage, all that Seinfeld must have seeped so deep into the creators’ unconsciouses that it fused with the stuff of their darker nightmares or something. Regardless, it seems like it’ll be a must for any Seinfeld fan out there.

As for when Sinfeld Remastered will be released, there’s no set date quite yet. Meanwhile, you might want to help the process along via Patreon.

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