Black Ops Cold War Zombies: 10 Tips To Get To High Rounds

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has been out for a little over two months now, and the second half of Season One is upon us. With it, the next installment of the Zombies storyline will be released with it as Firebase Z, the next map release.

The Zombies mode of Cold War is much different than previous installments, and as such, strategies for getting to high rounds are a lot different from older Zombies games. A lot of the game is much more streamlined and may seem easier at first glance. However, there’s a lot more depth to it than meets the eye that’s needed in order to get to high rounds in Zombies.

10 Max Out Upgrades

A feature new to Cold War Zombies is the ability to upgrade your Perks, Weapons, and Field Upgrades. As you play the game, you’ll unlock Aetherium Crystals that can be used to purchase the upgrades.

All of the upgrades improve the power of your loadouts, and as such, should be focused on before you start going for high rounds. While it may feel grindy at first, the payoff is more than worth it. It makes getting to high rounds much easier, and the abilities obtained more than make up for the grind.

9 Get Level Three Armor As Soon As Possible

In Cold War Zombies, the shield that has been in the game since Black Ops 2 was traded off for an Armor system. By using Salvage, you can upgrade the tier of your armor all the way up to Level Three.

Low-grade Salvage stops being used pretty early on in the game after you buy your Level Two Armor and as such, makes it really easy to keep your Armor repaired. Zombies is all about survivability, so maintaining Armor is a major part of getting to high rounds, since without it you won’t be making it far.

8 Max Out Everything Before Strats

Unlike previous Zombies installments, Cold War Zombies has a rarity system for its guns. There are three levels of Pack-A-Punch, along with five rarities for guns. As a gun gets a higher Pack-A-Punch level and rarity, the more damage it will do.

When a gun is at max rarity (Legendary/Orange) and fully Pack-A-Punched, it reaches the highest damage output possible. In Cold War, Zombie health maxes out in the 40s, so if a gun is killing zombies consistently at that round then it will continue for the rest of the run.

7 Use Ring Of Fire

Ring Of Fire is the best Field Upgrade when it comes to getting to high rounds. While Aether Shroud can save you if you ever get stuck in a corner, that won’t help when there are multiple Elite Zombies spawning in during the higher rounds.

Ring Of Fire, on the other hand, is one that can take care of tons of Zombies, regular and Elite alike. Not having to reload while inside of it is helpful, and the damage boost is incredible. In certain corners it can even kill zombies before they enter the map as well, making it incredible and the go-to Field Upgrade for high rounds.

6 Drop-In With A Knife

A new feature to Cold War Zombies is the ability to drop-in with any weapon you want instead of always starting with a pistol. While having access to any weapon seems good, in terms of high rounds, you almost always want to start off with the Knife.

The Knife kills zombies with one hit until the early teen rounds. Melee kills also give you the highest amount of points, and since zombies are so slow early-game it’s really easy to get rid of them. It’ll give you tons of points to use for Perks and upgrades later.

5 Utilize Wall Weapons Early Game

With the change to gun rarities in Cold War Zombies, it also changed Box mechanics. The earlier the round, the less likely you are to get a high rarity gun from it. Unlike the Mystery Box, Wall Weapons have a set rarity.

Thanks to this, Wall Weapons are fantastic to use early game since you won’t be using bullet weapons for high rounds most of the time. Since it’s better to hit the Mystery Box later in the game, Wall Weapons will help you progress until it’s time to start going for Wonder Weapons.

4 Get Survival Perks First

In Cold War Zombies, there are plenty of Perks to choose from. Unlike previous installments, Individual Perks don’t have a set price, rather, they start at 2500 and each Perk after is 500 more. There’s no Perk Limit anymore either, so you can get all the Perks on a map.

While getting Perks that boost up your power may seem appealing to get first, it’s more important to get Perks that help you survive. Perks like Juggernog and Quick Revive should be a priority, as they help to keep you alive to get the more powerful Perks.

3 Always Carry A Chopper Gunner

While going for high rounds you should have Ring Of Fire for your Field Upgrade, so you need alternative ways to help when you get stuck. Stun Grenades are helpful, but not enough to completely save you.

What is enough, however, is a Chopper Gunner. When you activate a Chopper Gunner, you will become completely invincible for its duration. It lasts for a while too, so it can take care of a giant horde in the process as well. In higher rounds, you’ll always have enough Hi-Grade Salvage to keep buying Chopper Gunners, so you should never start a round without it.

2 Get The Ray Gun

The Ray Gun was a gun that fell off drastically as Zombies progressed, and despite its iconic status it always dropped off early in damage. However, Cold War Zombies completely reinvented the Ray Gun and made it stand out as the best weapon in the game by a mile.

Getting the Ray Gun early is great so you can work to level it up, but you’re unlikely to get it until higher rounds. No matter when you get it, if you’re trying to get to high rounds, the Ray Gun is a must-have.

1 Always Carry A Self Revive

A Self Revive used to be apart of Quick Revive, but with the changes to Quick Revive, it was made into its own item. Unlike older entries, there is no limit on the amount of Self Revives you can have (previously you had three).

Self Revives aren’t too expensive either, only requiring 250 Hi-Grade Salvage. There’s also a small chance zombies drop it after killing them. Self Revives are important to always have in case you mess up and go down, and they make it much easier to soar into the highest of rounds.

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