Bloober Team CEO Refuses To Comment On Silent Hill 2 Remake Rumors

Rumors of Bloober Team working on something Silent Hill-related will not die, the most recent rumor suggesting that the developer is working on a remake of Silent Hill 2. This rumor was put to Bloober Team CEO Piotr Babieno by IGN, although he refused to comment on whether a Silent Hill 2 remake is in development or not, saying that the developer can't say anything because "we appreciate our relationship with our partners."

"We can’t comment on anything we are doing because we appreciate our relationship with our partners, of course. So we can’t [say] anything," said Babieno. "We will make an announcement about our future projects as soon as we can. So then you will know much more. Officially."

In this comment, Babieno is refering to the partnership between Bloober Team and Konami that was made public last year, confirming that the two would be working together in the future on "existing and new IPs." Babieno's response to the Silent Hill 2 remake rumor is definitely one you might expect from someone pretending they're not working on something Silent Hill-related, and the refusal to deny the rumor does lend it a bit more credence.

Later in the interview, Babieno also talks about the challenges of working with an already established IP, explaining that it won't work with them if the team is "not able to tell our own story." Babieno doesn't outright mention that he's referring to working on a Silent Hill game, although it's likely considering Bloober is known to be developing a title for Konami based on one of its existing properties.

In related news, someone recently spotted that Bloober Team and Sony have completed a "significant license and distribution agreement," hinting at a possible PS Plus deal between the two. It doesn't mention whether this will incude Bloober's future titles or just its back catalog, but it's possible that some of Bloober's library could be coming to PS Plus pretty soon.

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