Bloodborne: How To Join The Cainhurst Vilebloods

Castle Cainhurst is easily one of the best designed areas in Bloodborne. After an entire game of set pieces designed rooted in Lovecraftian imagery, Castle Cainhurst feels like something ripped right out of Dark Souls. It all works, though. Castle Cainhurst is meant to be alien, more so than any other area in Bloodborne – a hidden palace deep in the mountains that players can only reach via magical coach ride.

Reaching Castle Cainhurst in itself is a trial, but actually reaching the top of the castle to see what lurks inside is even more daunting. Bloodborne always saves its hardest challenges as optional content and Castle Cainhurst is no different. Beyond all the treasures lurking inside Castle Cainhurst, players can also join the Cainhurst Vilebloods – one of Bloodborne’s Covenants.

While the Covenant system in Bloodborne is even less present than in Dark Souls, there’s value in seeking out the Cainhurst Vilebloods. Some of the best rewards in the game can only be obtained by joining the covenant and pledging fealty to the Vilebloods.

Find The Cainhurst Summons

Gaining access to Castle Cainhurst requires finding the Cainhurst Summons in Iosefka’s Clinic. The problem is that Iosefka only lets survivors players send her way into the clinic, and exclusively so she can experiment on them. Anyone who wants to enter Iosefka’s Clinic needs to first find the shortcut in the Forbidden Woods.

Starting from the Lantern, head across the bridge and make sure not to trigger the plank trap. Head left down the path and hug the left wall as much as possible. You’ll eventually reach a house with a red lantern in front of it that’s hiding a cave in the back. Once inside the cave, players can cross the swamp to find a set of ladders that lead directly back to Central Yharnam.

Now on the Yharnam rooftops, players can sneak into Iosefka’s Clinic and find the Cainhurst Summons in one of the first hallways. Be careful, however. Iosefka will be hostile if the Blood Moon hasn’t set yet and any NPCs sent to the clinic will have been turned into Celestial Mobs.

Summon The Cainhurst Coach

Even with the Cainhurst Summons in hand, players can’t actually access the castle until defeating the Witch of Hemwick – the boss of Hemwick Charnel Lane. If the Witch hasn’t already been killed, make sure to clear Hemwick Charnel Lane (connected to both the Cathedral Ward and Grand Cathedral.) Likewise, Vicar Amelia should have already been beaten by this point.

Once the Witch of Hemwick has been defeated, players can head back to Hemwick Charnel Lane in order to summon the Cainhurst Coach. From the Witch’s Adobe Lantern, simply head back to the central area with the obelisk. Make sure to kill every enemy here, since summoning the Coach only to die after the fact locks out Castle Cainhurst for the rest of the playthrough. Once the Coach has been summoned, get inside to head over to Castle Cainhurst.

Complete Castle Cainhurst

Castle Cainhurst is a fairly lengthy area with quite a bit to explore, so make sure to take your time while going through the stage. The closer players are to the end of Bloodborne, the easier scaling the castle will be, but it’s important to be prepared for just about anything. Castle Cainhurst’s architecture is tighter than Yharnam’s and there’s a penchant for secrets that’ll turn players around if they aren’t paying attention.

The outdoor area is covered in snow, whereas the inside is littered with ghosts who’ll shriek and stab at the player. A central library lies deep inside the castle, leading directly outside where Hunters are expected to make their way to the rooftops in order to fight and defeat Martyr Logarius – one of the hardest bosses in Bloodborne.

Defeat Martyr Logarius

Martyr Logarius is no pushover and his aggressively fighting style makes it difficult to keep control of the fight. The battle itself also takes place at the very top of Castle Cainhurst, on the rooftops. One wrong roll can send players plummeting to their doom, which is a realistic possibility considering the ferocity with which Logarius attacks Hunters.

Logarius’ first half is mainly magic based, attacking players with heavy spells from afar, but he takes the fight head on once he loses enough health. Fighting Logarius up close is far more daunting, but he can be staggered now. Patience is key to this fight, making sure only to attack when there are actual openings. It’s genuinely difficult to find time to heal when fighting Martyr Logarius, so don’t take chances.

Pledge Fealty To Annalise

After defeating Martyr Logarius, make sure to pick up the Crown of Illusions up ahead. Once equipped, the Crown of Illusions reveals a hidden area in the “final” room of Castle Cainhurst. Head inside and players will meet Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods. Do the Kneel Gesture in front of her, and Annalise will welcome Hunters into the Cainhurst Vilebloods.

Once joined, players will learn the Respect Gesture. Offer Annalise 1 Blood Dreg to rank up the Covenant, and she’ll teach players the Deep Respect Gesture. Beyond getting the Cainhurst Badge and learning the Gestures, however, there’s not much to the Cainhurst Vilebloods. It’s more of a badge of honor than anything else.

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