Bloodborne: How To Use The Small Resonant Bell

FromSoftware’s Bloodborne can be quite a challenging experience for many players, especially newcomers to the Souls genre. Thankfully, much like Dark Souls, there is a way to lend a helping hand to the players in need. Although, it can be frustrating and confusing to do so.

With the Small Resonant Bell, you will be able to help out strangers in Bloodborne, or even your friends, who might have gotten themselves in trouble. Or, perhaps, they enjoy jolly cooperation, which is fine as well. No matter what the reason is, the important thing is that you can join other player’s worlds with the Small Resonant Bell and help them make progress in the frightening world of Yharnam.

How To Get The Small Resonant Bell

The Small Resonant Bell can be easily missed by many players in the early goings of the game. Still, it is relatively simple to obtain, especially when compared to most other items in Bloodborne.

Once you have at least one Insight, you will be able to purchase the Small Resonant Bell from the upper Messenger shop in Hunter’s Dream. Please note that you will need to have one Insight to access the shop, but the bell will also cost you one Insight. You can obtain Insight in various ways, and we recommend having a decent amount accumulated at any given moment, so try not to spend it all!

Using The Small Resonant Bell

Using the Small Resonant Bell can be a minor headache as it has specific rules that are never entirely explained by the game. These rules can make it hard to find fellow players in the world of Yharnam, especially now as the game has fewer active players.

The Small Resonant Bell is used in conjunction with the Beckoning Bell and acts as Bloodborne’s summon feature. When one player rings the Beckoning Bell, you will be able to resonate with it by using the Small Resonant Bell and join their world to lend your help. However, there are a few stipulations:

You can only use the Small Resonant Bell in areas with a boss, so using it in areas such as Hunter’s Dream will not work. Additionally, if the host of the world has already defeated the area’s boss, they will also not be able to summon you. There is also a level range, limiting who you can join within a 20+20% level-gap. However, the level-gap is not present when a password is used (more on that below).

How To Help Your Friends

Instead of having your friend ring their Beckoning Bell and hoping it resonates with yours, there is a much easier way to matchmake with them.

Within the Network Setting of Bloodborne, you will be allowed to set a password. Anyone with a matching password will be able to summon one another for jolly quality cooperation. You will still have to be in the same area and have the boss still alive in the host’s location, but the level-gap requirement gets removed when using the password.


Covenants play a minor role in Bloodborne when compared to its predecessors, but that isn’t to say they aren’t relevant. The part Covenants play when it comes to the online portion of Bloodborne is fascinating.

If a host were to be part of the rival Covenant you are in (Cainhurst Vilebloods and Executioners/Hunter of Hunters and Blood Addled Hunters), you would get summoned into their world as an enemy instead of a co-op buddy. For the most part, however, you will be able to join any Covenant you wish and be able to help out whoever is in need.

Here are the Covenants of Bloodborne:

Cainhurst Vilebloods – Adversary to Executioners

Executioners – Adversary to Vilebloods

Hunter of Hunters – Adversary to Blood Addled Hunters*

The League – Neutral

Beast’s Embrace – Neutral

Milkweed – Neutral

*It is still unknown as to what precisely marks a player as a “Blood Addled Hunter,” but it is suspected to come from invading players with the Sinister Resonant Bell and killing NPCs.

Getting Sent Home

There are a few options the host has to send you back to your world if they, for whatever reason, decide they do not want your help.

The host can use a Silencing Blank to end the online session, which will kick you back into your world. They can even close their app or back out to the main menu as well. Additionally, if you were to die in their world, you would also get sent back home to your world. The same goes for if the host of the world dies as well. Getting sent back to your world could happen a lot as Bloodborne doesn’t allow you to see who you are about to summon as Dark Souls does, so do not be surprised if someone calls you into their world and immediately gives you the boot.

Helpful Information

When being summoned into another player’s world, it will help know a few more things.

When you successfully get called into another world, your health will be at 70%, so be mindful that you do not fall in battle because you think you have max health. Additionally, you will also receive 1 Insight upon successfully helping the host defeat the area’s boss, which is a great way to earn Insight and level up your Covenant!

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