Boyfriend Dungeon Teases An "Extra Surprise" Ahead Of DLC Trailer

Kitfox Games' dungeon crawler come dating simulator Boyfriend Dungeon took the world by storm when it launched last year. It was even nominated at The Game Awards in the Games for Impact category. We've known DLC was coming for quite a while, but it seems we may be getting a sneak peek sooner than originally thought.

Kitfox tweeted earlier today that it would be revealing an extra surprise for us this Thursday, ahead of a planned trailer on Saturday. We already knew there was DLC news coming on June 11 thanks to an earlier tweet, so it seems this extra surprise will be foreplay for the main event.

What it could be exactly is still a mystery. Given that the tweet includes what looks like at least three silhouetted characters, it seems likely we'll be getting a closer look at our new future love interests. Maybe we'll even get to learn their names and see them transform. Gasp.

We know that another woman will be joining the roster. Leah, who can turn into a hammer. There's also Jonah who we already met at an event in the main game's story. He used to date the protagonist's cousin, Jesse. He turns into an axe.

We should also be getting another dungeon if Kitfox's previous promises are to be believed. This would be a welcome addition, as at the moment, the game only contains two. It launched around the same time as Hades which made the lack of dungeon diversity even more apparent.

The game needs better non-binary characters, as its current one falls into many cliches and tropes, so perhaps we'll get a glimpse of an unannounced character who can correct this. Whatever the surprise is, we'll know on Thursday.

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