Breath of the Wild: How To Find The Korok Mask

Koroks are one of the most controversial aspects in Breath of the Wild. The Legend of Zelda games usually feature some type of game long collectible (from the Golden Skulltula in Ocarina of Time to the Golden Bugs and Poes in Twilight Princess), with Breath of the Wild featuring the franchise’s most extreme variation yet: Korok Seeds.

There are 900 Koroks hiding throughout Breath of the Wild and each one rewards Link with a Korok Seed when found. Players can then exchange their Korok Seeds to Hestu, an overgrown Korok whose maracas have the power to increase Link’s inventory slots (so long as he has enough Korok Seeds, of course).

It goes without saying that 900 Korok Seeds is something of an issue at the end of the day. Design wise, there are 900 Korok Seeds so Breath of the Wild can offer players something to find on every inch of the map. In execution, the presence of 900 Korok Seeds makes 100% completion a complete and utter chore. Thankfully, that’s where the Korok Mask comes in.

Added into Breath of the Wild as part of the The Master Trials DLC, the Korok Mask starts shaking whenever Link passes nearby Koroks. This makes collecting all 900 Korok Seeds not only manageable, but far more fun. That said, the Korok Mask isn’t just handed to players, as Breath of the Wild makes Link earn all of his DLC trinkets.

EX Strange Mask Rumors

Once the Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass has been purchased, Link will be able to trigger several new side quests, all marked with the EX moniker. The side quest for the Korok Mask is EX Strange Mask Rumors and can be triggered at Woodland Stable right by Great Hyrule Forest. To start the quest, read the diary inside the stable.

Super Rumor Mill EX: Volume 1 will mention the Korok Mask and that it’s located in a treasure chest inside of a hollow tree. Specifically, the tree is in “a forest that makes people lose their way,” which any Zelda fan will immediately recognize as the Lost Woods. Once the diary has been read, EX Strange Mask Rumors will be added to your side quest log

Into The Lost Woods

From Woodland Stable, follow the path trail outside and it’ll lead Link straight into the Lost Woods. If you haven’t explored the Lost Woods in Breath of the Wild yet, it works a little bit differently than most Zelda games. Link will need to carry a lit torch with him throughout the first, following whatever direction the wind is blowing his flame in.

The flame will lead Link deep into the Lost Woods, eventually reaching two torches. From here, you’ll want to stop following the fire and instead run straight from the torches. Eventually, Link will reach a hollow tree with the Korok Mask inside.

Using The Korok Mask

The Korok Mask is extremely useful and arguably the most important exploration tool in Breath of the Wild. It’s the only helmet that has an exploration purpose, letting you know whenever there are Koroks nearby. The Korok Mask will vibrate and jingle in the presence of any Korok puzzles, always letting you know when to stop and fine comb an area.

Unfortunately, the Korok Mask cannot be upgraded or dyed (like most DLC gear). Should players lose their Korok Mask, a backup can be purchased in Tarrey Town for a measly 50 Rupees. Trying to find all 900 Korok Seeds without the Korok Mask is an exercise in futility and anyone looking to 100% Breath of the Wild should get the Mask ASAP.

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