Capcom Shows Off 10 Minutes Of Ghosts n’ Goblins Resurrection

After a surprise reveal at The Game Awards 2020 a few weeks ago, Capcom has finally unveiled the first footage of the Switch exclusive Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection. While many will still bemoan the 2.5D art style, the gameplay looks surprisingly faithful to the original games. This sure is Ghosts ‘n Goblins.

The most immediate change that I can spot is that protagonist Arthur has more than two hit points. That’s not to say that the game looks easy, but players will now have three hit points to get them through each of the game’s obstacles. There also appears to be a removal of limited lives, though that could just be an option one can toggle in the menu.

Other small changes include the ability to throw weapons directly up and down and some brand new stage hazards to traverse. Later on in the video, we also see that Resurrection will offer players branching paths on their journey, meaning replays can feature entirely different obstacles to overcome. That should add a bit of replayability. Now we just need to know if you have to beat the game twice to get the “real” ending.

If you can get over the stiff animations on the characters, then you should be right at home if you’ve played the previous titles. Honestly, I think this is going to mirror something like Mega Man 11. Many were quick to dismiss the game due to “cheap” visuals, but the title ended up being one of the better Mega Man entries in a long time.

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