Captain Marvel's Brie Larson Has An Unexpected Favorite Super Mario Game

It’s no secret that Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson loves Nintendo, and her Nintendo Switch. But if you had to ask her which of the many Mario games are her favorite, the answer might surprise you.

As a guest on First We Feast’s Hot Ones, Larson was asked about the time she proclaimed Super Mario 3D World was “one of the greatest achievements in Nintendo history.” Larson laughed before breaking down the sense of wonder the Wii U platformer gave her.

“Man, that game blew my mind when it came out because I had such a deep love for it in its two-dimensional form,” Larson explained. “I would’ve said that same quote when Paper Mario came out…I love illusions, I love optical illusions, I love magic. Games that use that, that use the idea that there’s other worlds, other ways of looking at the world–which I think Paper Mario and Mario 3D World did–yeah. Nintendo continues to top itself.”

The quote, which Larson clarified was from 2014, isn’t entirely accurate anymore either. “I might say that the new Zelda has kinda topped that,” Larson added. referring to 2017’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Brie Larson has recently started a new YouTube channel, which might feature some gaming content in the future given the appearance of her Nintendo Switch during the announcement. A new Paper Mario is around the corner too, with Paper Mario: The Origami King launching on July 17.

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