CCP Games Has Launched The EVE Online Partnership Program

CCP Games recently announced the EVE Online Partnership Program, an initiative designed to provide EVE Online content creators and community a means of receiving official support from CCP Games to help grow their dedicated communities. The program offers game time support, exclusive partner SKINs, direct CCP Games promotional support, and access to CCP devs.

According to the official announcement on the EVE Online website, “the EVE Online Partnership Program is our way of saying thanks and helping you continue to grow your audience and serve the EVE community.” The EVE Online community of players is no doubt a dedicated community of passionate players, and have been since its 2003 launch. It’s really a wonder why it took this long for a partnership program to be implemented, but here it is.

If you are accepted as a partner in the program, you’ll receive free OMEGA and 500 PLEX per month added to your account. CCP devs have created a unique line of SKINs, and each month you’ll receive a bundle of these “to use for giveaways, contests, or other creative ways of rewarding your audience”. You will also have chances to be featured on official CCP Games channels, including “website, social media, Steam, and possibly even in the EVE Online launcher!” And you will also be subject to receiving an invite “into a secret enclave of partners and CCP developers where you can chat with us about your content, ask questions, trade tips and tricks, and more.”

You can apply for the EVE Online Partnership Program via its online form, after which CCP Games will review and process it to see if you meet the requirements. According to the FAQ, CCP is primarily looking for content creators who put their “time, passion, and creativity into making something for EVE Online”. The devs are also interested in knowing your EVE Online metrics as a “way to verify the size of your audience and your activity over the previous months so that we can judge whether or not you are meeting the minimum requirements.” However, they also encourage any and all consistent content creators to go ahead and submit their application “and we’ll take a look to see if your project would be a fit for the program.”

Click over to the EVE Online Partnership Program announcement for the full details, including more info on requirements and content guidelines, and to submit your application.

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