Characters From Rockstar Games Who Need Their Own Spin-offs

Few other game developers put as much focus and love into their vast array of characters as Rockstar. Renowned for paralleling the quality of their gameplay with the stories and its characters, the GTA creators have a superfluous selection of characters that could each sustain a full game alone. Many of the games are already intricately connected, with plenty of references illustrating how they all exist within the same universe.

The titan developers have also already experimented with cross-narrative storytelling, with certain DLC extensions enabling players to play the same missions but from an alternate perspective. Simply put, with a universe this well-connected and astoundingly written, there are plenty of characters who we’d love to see helming their own adventures.

7 Landon Ricketts

Sometimes, the mystery is left best undisturbed. The sheer badass legend that is Landon Ricketts, however, is too hard to leave to just the mere anecdotes he drops in Red Dead Redemption.

A legendary gunslinger, Ricketts fled to Mexico for a simpler life following a life of escapades in his younger years. This doesn’t stop him from helping out John Marston on his quest to hunt down his former gang members, though, with Ricketts exhibiting just as much Western folklore legend as we can imagine he did in his prime. A prequel dedicated to the evolution of the turbulent life of Ricketts would not go amiss if it were released today.

6 Little Jacob

One of the first characters that springs to mind when recalling GTA 4, who isn’t always pestering you to go bowling with them, is Little Jacob. Part of what makes Little Jacob such a fond ally is in how he is one of Niko’s first established friends upon his arrival in the States.

Despite his tendencies to get Niko roped into some sketchy situations revolving around his busy schedule of drugs and arms dealings, the authority figure of the Hillside Posse is still loveable and fun to be around. His dense Jamaican accent, paired with his many mantras about his philosophies on life, make him a charming character to be around — one who is in no way as annoying as many of Niko’s other friends.

5 Rusty Galloway

Phelps’ homicidal partner in LA Noire, Rusty, embodies all the elements of stereotypical noir detective characters. The smart-talking, too-old-for-this-bull detective had been in the police game for a long time before Phelps showed up, making their junior vs. underdog dynamic all the more entertaining.

His mysterious story of growing up as an altar boy in the early 1900s, before going on to having three marriages whilst working in the LAPD, makes him a perplexing character. His inclination to drink heavily is also somewhat telling of his personal demons, perhaps stemming from cases and life events that could be unveiled in a spin-off prequel.

4 Algie

Though one of the most picked-on students in Bullworth Academy, Algernon Papadopoulos is also one of the most charismatic and hilarious. Nicknamed 'Algie' for short, the bully magnet often requested the aid of protagonist Jimmy for assistance in getting around the school grounds without being beaten up.

Though undeniably annoying, there’s a lovability to the nerd clan member, with almost every other line being comic gold. A spin-off from any part of Algie’s life would be a welcome one, be it his tragic descent to the bottom of the school’s hierarchy, or triumphant attempt to overcome his tormentors.

3 Officer Frank Tenpenny

One of the most distinct voices in cinema is also immediately recognizable in GTA: San Andreas. Legendary actor Samuel L. Jackson provides the voice of Officer Frank Tenpenny, CJ’s main antagonist in the seminal classic from 2004.

The corrupt cop is not only laced with amazing dialogue and actions, to which he abuses his power against those he dislikes, but his history is loaded with potential for a prequel game. The manipulative officer has ties with the Balla gang, making his spin-off game bear dynamic links to authority and gangs as many GTA protagonists have since had. A spin-off in the vein of The Last of Us Part Two would be an enticing tale, shedding light on the other side of crime in the GTA universe — those with legal authority.

2 Uncle

Before lumbago and before being harassed for laziness by everyone in existence that knew him, we bet Uncle was someone that you wouldn’t want to mess with. Even if not, and he had always been a lazy so-and-so, we’d still want to play that game as well. Imagine Farming Simulator with a third-person shooter element, defending your property from bandits and wolves, all soundtracked to the iconic House Building theme of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Uncle had a rough upbringing, seeing him flee his country home to the city as a youngster. An Uncle origin story would be immensely interesting and entertaining, so players can finally learn the reality of the mysterious, loveable man's past.

1 Wade Hebert

Wade, by far one of the most bizarre characters in GTA 5, was certainly deserving of some extra input into his exploits. Not that they would have helped anyone, mind. This clumsy Juggalo, with childlike innocence and limited brain-power, was always entertaining to be around as he explored trailer parks with his pal Trevor.

His simplistic nature and ease of being coerced into doing just about anything would make him a fitting star of his own game, perhaps an adventure where he makes no active decisions at all — instead, he just gets pulled into all sorts of sticky situations, having to use his gunplay and wits to get through them.

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