Characters You Wouldn’t Invite Over To Meet The Family

It’s not a stretch to say that there’s a fair share of iconic video game characters no one would ever want to invite over. It’s always fun to fantasize about befriending your favorite video game characters, but bringing Bowser home to meet your family probably wouldn’t go over all that well.

Most people could probably list off countless villains that they’d never want to step foot in their homes, but there are just as many heroes or anti-heroes that no one would want anywhere near them. Sometimes characters are crazed, sometimes they’re terrifying, and sometimes they’re just insufferable, but one thing ties all these characters together, and that’s that your family would hate to have them over.

10 Jack Baker

It could be argued that Jack Baker would probably be a perfectly wonderful guest well before the events of Resident Evil 7. Unfortunately, we mostly know Jack Baker as one of the scariest game antagonists of the last decade.

You’d probably do better to send him over to your worst enemy's house rather than your own thanks to some of the things he puts Ethan through during RE7. For all you know, he’d just barrel through the walls of your home making for an awful visit.

9 Vaas Montenegro

There are few characters that are so incredible and cunning that they almost rival the fame of the series that they originated from. Vaas Montenegro is often regarded as one of, if not the most, interesting characters in the Far Cry series.

To be fair, Vaas would probably be a hilarious guest to be in the company of if you could get past the idea that he’s probably got some sinister plot in the back of his mind. All it would take is one family member with some shoddy impression skills to really send Vass over the deep end.

8 Shao Khan

It shouldn’t take all that long to figure out why no one would want someone like Shao Khan anywhere near their family. He comes from a series that became famous off of graphic violence and Shao Khan has never shied away from brutal fatalities.

If you could get past all the brutal violence of his past in the Mortal Kombat series, you’d still have to deal with the fact that he wants to rule over the world. By inviting him over, you’d practically be giving him his first stronghold in Earthrealm.

7 Agent 47

Agent 47 could easily be called an anti-hero and even a hero in some instances, but most would agree that he’d end up making your whole family a bit uncomfortable. His high kill count would be unsettling enough, but you have no idea what he might have done to dinner.

At least you’d know he’d be dressed appropriately to meet some new people. It’s hard to deny that Agent 47 impresses in his sleek suit, but we all know that there are likely a few of his favorite toys tucked just behind the edges of that suit as well.

6 Kefka

There are few characters as deranged as Kefka. He’s an incredibly iconic character from the Final Fantasy series who actually managed to get away with a significant portion of his evil plan. In the span of one game, he went from mage to God before your eyes.

While the God version of Kefka is terrifying, it’s his human form that you really wouldn’t want to be near. He’s so twisted that he’d likely view the invitation as some mild entertainment to break up his evil schemes, but he likely wouldn’t be interested in leaving anyone behind to tell of the evening.

5 Nemesis

In all fairness, most people would probably avoid inviting big evil monsters over to meet the family. As far as horrific villains go, Nemesis is definitely one to leave off of the invitation list. He was already frightening enough in his original appearance, but the Resident Evil 3 Remake makes him all the more terrifying.

It’s already hard enough to imagine Nemesis sitting down for a nice board game or a warm meal, but his abilities make it even harder to imagine. Often armed with a rocket launcher, the infectious monster probably isn’t something anyone wants near their home or their family.

4 Handsome Jack

There probably isn’t anyone who would be safe from the sarcastic wrath of Handsome Jack. He’d probably make fun of the entire world at the same time if he could, and that would likely extend to anyone who invited him over.

Every moment would likely be even tenser than the last. It’s hard to tell if Jack is simply joking around about something, or if he’s hinting at his more nefarious intentions that could be realized in the coming moments. It would probably be best to befriend Borderlands Vault Hunters Instead.

3 Trevor Philips

Some may wonder why a name like Trevor Philips made it onto this list, but one only needs to look at some of the many misadventures he gets up to throughout GTA 5. Brash, violent, and occasionally scary, Trevor really isn’t the kind of person anyone wants to spend much time with.

There’s a reason why most people agree that Trevor is probably the truest GTA protagonist of all time thanks to the various horrible things you can do throughout the different games. Trevor would probably love every minute of the chaos.

2 Zant

It would be easy to put Ganondorf in Zant’s spot, but while Ganondorf can often be the personification of pure evil, Zant is something entirely different. The unhinged King of the Twilight would likely shock everyone in attendance.

Everyone knows that Zant can keep his cool, at least for a little while, but if he became unhinged during his visit, there’s no telling what he would do. Someone deranged and capable of ancient magics is probably someone everyone should steer clear of if they value their health.

1 Kratos

While Kratos does seem at least a little more family-oriented these days, that doesn’t mean you’d want to get anywhere near his big bald head. All it would take is one slight comment and Kratos could lash out with an unparalleled rage.

Anyone who’s picked up a God of War game knows exactly how brutal Kratos can be. The last thing anyone would want is to accidentally offend or fail to satisfy the hunger of the mighty Spartan. If you could get on his good side, it might not be so bad, but that’s a mighty big if.

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