Chun-Li’s Skipping Mortal Kombat Because She’s Appearing In Fortnite

The release of the Mortal Kombat trailer this week really caused an uproar on the Internet. More specifically, a tongue-in-cheek article that pondered where Street Fighter’s resident hero Chun-Li was during the trailer got a lot of people talking. While that joke seemed to go over many people’s heads, the real reason Chun-Li wasn’t there has been revealed. Looks like she will be taking her talents to Fortnite as Street Fighter has been revealed as the next crossover event for the Battle Royale game.

A new portal has opened up in Fortnite and by the looks of it some familiar faces will be making their way through shortly. The portal, which opened up in an area southwest of Sweaty Sands, seems to show Street Fighter’s iconic Suzaku Castle stage inside. This likely means that the franchise’s Ryu and Chun-Li will be two characters to make their way over to the land of Fortnite.

While nothing has been officially revealed for the game, many Fortnite leakers on Twitter have claimed that they have images of Ryu and Chun-Li in the game. Also, shortly after the portal was revealed in-game, a crossover announcement trailer for Fortnite and Street Fighter leaked online. However, the leak was soon taken down.

This Street Fighter crossover is just the latest in Fortnite’s Zero Point event. This crossover event, which began with Season 5 back in December, has seen quite a few franchises make their way over to the Battle Royal game. Most recently, characters from Predator, The Mandalorian, and Terminator have joined the game’s activities.

With nothing official, it is hard to tell what this crossover event will include. Some of the previous crossovers have given skins, emotes, and other accessories and in-game items to play around with. Meanwhile, others have incorporated more large-scale items like whole missions to play through and different modes of play. With Street Fighter being such an iconic fighting series, perhaps a new mode will allow Chun-Li to wipe the floor with Tomato Head in a classic one-on-one.

While Chun-Li won’t be creating any fatalities in the Mortal Kombat film, her appearance in Epic Games’ Battle Royale is the next best thing.

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