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Though there are many huge titles that have and will continue to rake in profits and players, mobile games are more than a match for the gaming market. All you need is one hit and from there you can expand into a series containing all sorts of other genres, like Angry Birds and Cookie Run.

Evolving from a simple and colorful endless runner, Cookie Run: Kingdom goes down the RPG path. As you lead a team of cookies to fight waves of confectionary enemies, you'll need to rely on luck and patience as you grow your kingdom to strengthen your cookies. In addition to the standard materials, the rarer Rainbow Cubes will require more time and effort.

What Are Rainbow Cubes?

Since a big part of the game revolves around building and maintaining your kingdom, there are a lot of different materials and currencies that you'll need to gather in various ways. While some can be produced or found quite easily, others like the Rainbow Cubes are a little harder to come by.

This currency stands out for being a cube covered in a mix of sparkly colors. It serves a very specific purpose in helping Mont Blanc Cookie open up her Boutique where she can take the Rainbow Cubes and turn them into Costumes for your cookies.

How To Get Rainbow Cubes

Since the cubes are a specialty currency, you'll need to do very specific actions in order to obtain them.

Opening Up Mont Blanc's Boutique

As you progress through the story, you'll meet new characters who will join your kingdom and help it grow in different ways. During Episode 2, you'll trigger an event that will grab the attention of Mont Blanc Cookie, a clothing designer who will offer to set up shop in your kingdom.

However, in order to do so, she'll request the delivery of five jars of Sweet Jelly Jam. To produce this jam, you'll need to upgrade your Jammery to level 2 after upgrading your Castle to level 2.

The Mileage Shop

From the Gacha Menu, it's possible to access a store known as the Mileage Shop. It appears in the lower-left part of the screen indicated by a blue piggy bank next to some purple coins. Click on it to bring up the store's wares which will include Rainbow Cubes.

You can buy one cube for 25 Mileage Coins which you can earn by performing draws of Cookies and Treasures. In terms of duplicates, the more valuable the draw, the more Mileage Points you'll earn.

Completing Events

The most rewarding way to earn Rainbow Cubes, check the Events tab to see what's available to take on. The cubes can appear as rewards in a number of events so be sure to check back frequently. Based on the current update, it's possible to earn Rainbow Cubes by joining a Guild and completing Spring Quests.

You can also earn them by completing tasks in the Light Of Resolution quest-line, several of which currently offer hundreds of Rainbow Cubes alongside Nether-Gacha.

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