Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion – Chapter Five Walkthrough

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  • Slumming Around
  • Arriving In Modeoheim
  • Metal Gear SOLDIER
  • Inside The Mako Plant
  • Boss Fight: Genesis
  • Modeo Bathhouse
  • Boss Fight: Angeal Penance

Modeoheim is one of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion's more unique locales. The game often steers players toward familiar territory, after all, and there's nothing familiar about this abandoned village. Well, unless you count the introduction of one especially familiar Cloud Strife.

There's a good bit of game to get through in Chapter Five. It's also quite possibly Crisis Core's best example of how shaking up the gameplay can make a big difference — Zack has to sneak around like a spy at one point, and if you partake in optional endeavors, you'll be listening to no fewer than 23 voicemails. Weird, right?

Slumming Around

Part of the reason Chapter Five feels so lengthy is that you have an extended period of time to goof off and do some mini-games before things get hot. Should you partake? Of course! What's in store for you? A button-mashing game of squats and a fun trip through Midgar to locate numerous Wutai spies. You'll also be able to continue unlocking new missions.

Since our aim here is to be as comprehensive as possible in our coverage of Crisis Core, we've got a couple of extra guides you should check out right about now. The first will help you ace the squats and spy side quests; the second isn't necessarily vital to this point in the story, but that'll change, so bookmark our missables guide now to be safe.

Your reward for beating everybody at squats is a full set of materials to forge a Shinra Wagon. The outcome of your acquisition won't become clear for a while, but it's tied to some late-game Aerith-related shenanigans. Totally worth it, if you ask us. As for the Wutai shenanigans, your ultimate prize is Walnut Wood — more wagon-related fare. But you'll unlock extra missions, too, and snag some more fine rewards along the way.

Before you move on, head to the Sector Six Park and speak with the Silver Elite Sephiroth Fan Club member. Answer her questions in the following fashion to become a club member:

  1. "Masamune."
  2. "Super Nova."
  3. "Left hand."

The game doesn't make this entirely clear, but as soon as Zack heads to Aerith's church, you'll be whisked away to Modeoheim. In other words, you'll not be able to continue with the above side quests until after Chapter Five is completed. Let Aerith wait a while unless you're set on skipping.

Arriving In Modeoheim

After your explosive arrival, gameplay resumes in the usual sense: the mountain climb is filled with narrow corridors punctuated by small open areas, so you know what that means. Lots of running, with your trusty 'Activating Combat Mode' lady ushering her sweet words along the way. While most of the enemies here won't give you much trouble, be careful around Modeoheim's ostrich-like species, as they love to kick Zack en masse like their cousins across the globe.

There aren't any items to snag, but the chapter will make up for that a little further on. For now, enjoy the formal introduction of a certain spiky blond-haired hero-in-training, and when the party reaches the summit, prepare for something… different.

Metal Gear SOLDIER

Don't head down into your newfound sneaking mission just yet. Instead, chat with Tseng, the other trooper, and especially Cloud; you'll get some poignant dialogue, not to mention an early grasp of the mechanics behind the next part. The tutorial page is pretty clear, but to summarize, you need to keep Zack's temperature above 26 Celsius by doing squats. If you've engaged in the squat side quest at the start of this chapter, you should be a pro at that stuff by now.

Crisis Core Reunion isn't exactly the move convincing game when it comes to demonstrating what the Genesis soldiers here can and cannot see, so simply trust in the sneaking button to fully obscure Zack's whereabouts whenever it's pressed, no matter how obvious he may appear to you. It's imperative that you be prepared to press the button by the time the guards are no more than halfway to Zack's location every time their gaze faces toward him.

This sequence can feel a lot harder than it needs to be. It's easy to think you need to move forward from the entryway and then figure out your next move from there; in fact, there's a treasure chest followed by a complete dead end. Don't waste time poking around here like we did; head back to the hiding spot near the entrance, and wait a long enough time for the pathway to the right to clear out.

Once you manage to take a left around the building here, your job's all but finished. The guard on this route takes over two minutes to return, so head on into the facility at your leisure.

Inside The Mako Plant

With wide-open platforms leading down both paths, it'll be a little tougher than usual to avoid enemy encounters here. That should suit you just fine, since in our experience (no pun intended), the G-Battlers and G-Attackers are worth a goodly amount of experience. It's not a bad idea to level Zack a couple of times; just remember, from our limited perspective as players, it will happen rather randomly.

For more information on Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion's zany leveling process, consult our guide on the matter.

Be sure to save your game at the checkpoint prior to reaching the elevator walkway. The upcoming boss fight may give you grief.

Boss Fight: Genesis

Pardon our grasp of the obvious, but this battle's challenge will vary wildly depending on Zack's level. It's around this point in Crisis Core that the players who spend time doing lots of missions will begin to really speed away from the story's expected level at any given time. We're going to operate under the pretense that you're not overleveled, or else Genesis will go down in seconds.

Genesis' magic resistance isn't great, at least until he casts the aptly-named Magic Defense spell. While its effects are active, refrain from casting; at any other point, a second-tier elemental spell will gradually tear away his roughly 15,000 HP. (If you have third-tier spells, all's the better, of course.)

Black Flurry can be pretty nasty with its status effects, but thankfully, it's a cinch to stock up on Remedy items in Crisis Core. Rather than waiting out the pain and succumbing to Genesis' more damage-oriented attacks, we suggest using that Remedy each time you're hit with Black Flurry.

Genesis is fast on his feet, but not quite fast enough to catch up if you continue rolling around to dodge his strikes. If all else fails, simply roll around him like some kind of Shinra jester, over and over, getting a few sword strikes in when possible to fuel the DMW for more powerful limit breaks.

Modeo Bathhouse

After the climactic cutscenes, Chapter Five continues. Now that you're back outside, note that the build-up of ice prohibiting further exploration earlier has thawed, allowing passage. Don't expect a cave dungeon (we get plenty enough of those during missions, don't we?), because Zack will appear inside Modeoheim proper immediately thereafter.

Scattered treasure chests here are all you need concern yourself with. Head inside Modeo Bathhouse once you're finished snagging loot. There's an unavoidable scuffle with some more beasties here, but with that past you, it's time for another reminder that Zack Fair is a goofball — if you interact with the phone at the far end of the main room, Zack somehow thinks the whopping 23 voicemail messages are worth listening to.

Should you go ahead and do so, take care not to exit out at any time, as you'll need to cycle from the very beginning again. The Power Wrist (Attack +10) that becomes available in a nearby suitcase is, frankly, not the greatest prize for something so time-consuming, though if you've been rushing through the story it might still do you well. The real treat from all this is the quirky voicemail messages themselves.

Make your way through the hall to the sauna room, and try to interact with the water. Zack will note that it's too hot, so that chest is out of your reach for now. Once he's made the comment, however, a wheel can be obtained in the previous room, just after the hallway, among the debris. Go grab it before continuing forward.

Now, here's the weird bit. The wheel isn't used in the sauna room. Rather, it's in the following room, where the injured Tseng and Cloud task Zack with entering. This is a big warehouse-like locale, but there's a glowing object that you can interact with. You can't get it yet, but you can attach the wheel to the spot with an orange interaction button just before you go back outside.

Doing so allows you to grab what turns out to be a Lightning Armlet in the warehouse. The better prize is probably the Dispel you can now retrieve from the spot with the water too hot earlier. When you're ready, go through the open exit near where you attached the wheel, saving again before you ascend the pipeline and trigger another batch of cutscenes.

Boss Fight: Angeal Penance

Angeal Penance has considerably more HP than Genesis did — about twice as much. The most important rule for this fight is to try to get around to Angeal Penance's backside whenever possible to maximize damage output whilst reducing his offensive capabilities.

The bulk of Angeal Penance's sin-themed strikes are designed to hit hard, but Gluttony is actually a healing spell, so whenever he casts it, take a sec to do the same with an item or Cura/Curaga. You should be able to dodge most of what gets thrown at you; be especially careful to do so with Charge of Greed, which hurts when it connects.

Keep your health topped off as much as possible. Angeal Penance has one attack that cannot be dodged, but blocking should still be helpful; otherwise, it's a matter of give-and-take, getting your offensive spells and critical back slashes in and relying on the DMW for the biggest attacks in your arsenal.

If Zack's successfully endeared himself to you by now, grab a few tissues for Chapter Five's final scene.

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