Current PS Store Sale Features Black Ops Cold War, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, And More

The PlayStation Store’s Spring Sale is live now and includes a lot of big discounts on some top games.

As tempting as it can be to preorder a game or pick it up on release day, chances are if you wait even a little while, it’ll be on sale at some point. Take the PlayStation Store’s Spring Sale, for example. It includes multiple games, some of which have only been on the market for a few months.

Black Ops Cold War might be the best deal of the very big bunch. Despite only being released in November 2020, and having no issues on the sales front, you can currently pick up a copy for just $38.99, or $48.99 for the cross-gen bundle so you can play on PS4 and PS5.  That’s at least a 30% saving on a game that includes Warzone for no extra cost, but you might need to clear out some room on your hard drive.

The biggest and best discounts of all in PlayStation’s spring sale might well be for fans of sports games. The PS4 version of NBA 2K21 is currently available for just $19.79 as opposed to its regular retail price of $59.99. FIFA 21, another title that has had no problems on the sales front, is currently just $25.19 and includes a free PS5 upgrade.

For anyone who missed out on last summer’s Fall Guys hype, which included picking up the game for free on PS Plus, the alternative take on the BR genre is now just $13.99. Marvel’s Avengers is also on sale for just $23.99. Unless you have a PS Now subscription, of course. Avengers was one of a handful of titles recently added to the service, although that’s only the last-gen version of the game.

If you’re still on the fence about any of the deals above, or the others currently included in the PS Store’s Spring Sale, you have a little bit of time to decide. The sale doesn’t end until April 28, 2021. It’s highly likely PlayStation will usher in a new sale at that point, or soon after, but most if not all of the games included will be different from the ones that are on sale right now.

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