Cut Elden Ring Lines Hint At Godfrey Having A Bigger Story Role

We’re several months into Elden Ring’s run as the best game ever made and discoveries are still being made. Dataminers are pouring over the game’s code to see what content FromSoftware might have intended to include in the finished product but removed for reasons unknown.

YouTuber Sekiro Dubi, who previously showed us Elden Ring’s cut colosseums, is back with even more cut Elden Ring content. This time, they’ve produced several lines from the first Elden Lord himself, Godfrey, and they reveal a version of the game where he might have a far larger role in Elden Ring’s story.

Dubi’s video shows Godfrey in a similar location to the Two Fingers at the Roundtable Hold. He only has two lines, and the first one is mostly a retelling of the same story that you’re given at the start of the game. The second one, however, indicates that Godfrey may have known more about the shattering of the Elden Ring than first believed.

"Brave Tarnished. Mighty warriors, who fought at my side. Await the summons. It will call to thee one day. Heed the fading grace. Listen to the Fingers. Gold commandeth the very stars, giving life its fullest brilliance," says Godfrey in his cut lines. "Elden Ring, O, Elden Ring. Be ready once it is shattered. Seek the Elden Ring, O Tarnished. Across the Sea of Fog, to the Lands Between. Become Lord. Enact thy will! Seek the Elden Ring!"

The opening sequence of Elden Ring only shows Godfrey as a figure on the outside, banished to wage war far away from the seat of political power. This portrayed the first Elden Lord as a man on the outside, literally, but these cut lines hint at Godfrey actually being part of Queen Marika’s plan from the very beginning.

As pointed out by GamesRadar, these cut lines also might indicate that an earlier version of Elden Ring had him play a larger role in doling out the game’s plot.

If you want to learn even more about Elden Ring’s cut content, Sekiro Dubi has another video where they dive deep into the mysterious colosseums that litter the Lands Between.

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