Cyberpunk 2077 Players Discuss Highs And Lows Of Patch 1.2

Patch 1.2 for Cyberpunk 2077 is with us, bringing too many updates to count. 8196 words of patch notes later, do the fans feel that it brings the notorious title closer towards what was expected at launch?

Judging by the Cyberpunk subreddit, it seems to be good news for console players at last. Many report the game feeling smoother, fixing the framerate issues on PS4 and Xbox One at launch. PS4 Pro players say that the menu has been improved, loading much faster, whereas before the game would frequently slow down if the player tried to open it.

One PS4 Pro player, u/tom_oakley, goes into detail on the console improvements. These include a better rendering distance, the world overall looking a lot clearer (especially adverts), better NPC lip syncing, and less slowdown when in a highly populated are.

Base console players may still be out of luck however. Many claim that the framerate remains the same, and a comparison video being share around shows that there isn’t much improvement

Most players report that driving feels a lot better now, with improvements made to both cars and motorbikes. The patch notes focused on the sensitivity of turning, and that seems to have addressed the frustrations.

However, despite the patch notes claiming to address it, some fans still have issues with the police. One user, u/Zemerick13, says that they don’t spawn much further away from before, and endlessly spawn if you stay in one place. Their tendency to “teleport” to the player when a crime is committed doesn’t seem to have gone away either.

The patch hasn’t been without its fair share of bugs either. One player on the subreddit had the entirety of Night City stuck in a permanent sandstorm 

Outside of technical fixes, we can now breath a sigh of relief, as V has finally learned how to sleep in a bed. That’s right – CD Projekt Red really went to the effort to get V to rest their head on the pillow, rather than just stare at it as they sleep horizontally on the mattress.

Patch 1.2 went live March 30, and is the second major patch Cyberpunk 2077 has received. Since launch, it has also been updated with numerous hotfixes.

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