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Pancake day is nearly here, so get the ingredients ready for this high-protein breakfast. 

It’s just a few days since lockdown restrictions have ended in England, and we’re busier than ever. It’s back to gyms followed by commutes that lead to days in the office – a pace we were used to a few years ago but now feels exhausting. And busy people need nutritious meals that are quick to make in order to support their non-stop lifestyle. 

That’s why opting to celebrate your Shrove Tuesday with these speedy protein pancakes can be a delicious way to eat festively while still getting in all the post-workout nutrition you need to recover from your sessions. By no means are they a replacement for your childhood favourite, but there’s a reason searches for protein pancakes are on the rise: we’re all looking for ways to support recovery that don’t compromise on taste. 

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Pancake Day 2021: best vegan pancake recipes and toppings to try at home

To make your protein pancakes delicious, it’s important to choose the best ingredients for the job. Make sure you stock up on our best-rated vegan protein powders to make sure that they don’t taste chalky or chewy. 

This recipe by Alice Liveing, personal trainer and author of three best-selling wellbeing books, is her favourite post-workout meal. 

“I love these pancakes for a tasty breakfast. They’re light, fluffy and full of flavour, so they’re perfect to satisfy a sweet tooth,” Alice says. “Plus they take under 15 minutes to make, and require a hefty drizzle of peanut butter on top.”

Protein pancake recipe from Alice Liveing

The best protein pancake recipe

Serves one or two people.


2 large eggs (I use Clarence Court)  ⁣

50g protein power (I use Form Nutrition vegan vanilla) ⁣

50ml coconut milk ⁣

1 big spoon (or more) of nut butter ⁣

Any other toppings you want


  1. Mix your eggs, protein and coconut milk together until fully combined. ⁣
  2. Add some oil or butter to a large frying pan and then pour in your mixture to create mini pancakes. 
  3. Once the pancakes start to bubble, flip them and cook until browned on each side. 
  4. Dollop the nut butter and any other toppings on to serve.

For more nutritious recipes, sign up to the Strong Women Training Club. 

Images: Alice Liveing 

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