Dark Souls 3: How To Get The Rose Of Ariandel

FromSoftware’s third, and seemingly final, entry into the sprawling, challenging, and atmospheric Dark Souls series is a game packed with content. From the dozens of bosses to new areas to explore and items to find, Dark Souls 3, while just as challenging as its predecessors, is a game where you will want to obtain every item there is to find.

The Ashes of Ariandel DLC, which was the first released for the game after its launch, holds some of the most challenging content available for souls fans and equally some of the most powerful items. One of the most impressive items you can obtain by journeying through this snow-swept DLC is the Rose Of Ariandel, a catalyst earned by defeating Sister Friede, that doubles as both a weapon and a miracle caster, granting the user the ability to utilize the Awakening skill.

How To Enter The Ashes Of Ariandel DLC

To have access to this DLC you must first purchase it through your platform's available means. Once this is done, and you have installed the file, you will want to travel to the Cleansing Chapel, located in the larger area known as The Cathedral Of the Deep. Here, you will find an NPC named Slave Knight Gael, speak to him and obtain the Rotten Scrap item to begin your journey through Ariandel.

How To Find Sister Friede

As the first boss of the DLC, you will often naturally stumble across her while exploring this new area. However, if you are having trouble, you must locate Father Ariandel’s sanctum. To find this somewhat hidden location, first, from the spawn point at Ariandel Chapel, travel down into the lower depths of the Crypt, all the way until the floor is covered in a red substance. Watch out for this area, the enemies are troublesome, and the red floor will cause a Bleed Effect. Once here, you will find a winch, turn this and return to the chapel to find the statue next to the bonfire has moved, revealing the path to Sister Friede.

Tips For Defeating Sister Friede

Sister Friede is a three-phase boss fight, one that feels like it can take a decidedly long time to get through. Indeed, as a fight exclusive to this DLC it is designed for players with a comprehensive grasp of the game’s systems. Some general tips for defeating this scythe-wielding priestess are as follows.

  1. She can always be parried, try to learn the timing.
  2. Bring as much Anti-Frostbite as you can carry.
  3. She is weak to bleed and lightning.
  4. When he appears, focus your efforts on the Father of Ariandel.
  5. Try breaking her poise, it is relatively low for a boss this late in the game.
  6. Try to backstab her.

How To Obtain The Rose Of Ariandel

Once Sister Friede’s soul has been obtained you will finally be able to get the Rose of Ariandel. Remember, be careful not to use it for a simple boost in souls as then you will be unable to craft this powerful weapon. To get the catalyst, return to Firelinlk Shrine, and present the boss' soul to Ludleth. Here, you will be given the option to either craft Friede’s Great Scythe, or the Rose of Ariandel. Choose the latter. Once obtained, the item functions both as a miracle catalyst and as a normal weapon, combining the moveset of a club and a whip. The item is fantastic for PVP encounters, as enemy players are often caught unaware that your weapon also has powerful magic casting abilities.

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