Dauntless Will Be Playable On Xbox Series X And PS5 At Launch

Those looking to move their monster-slaying to next gen are in luck, as Phoenix Labs revealed that Dauntless will be available on both consoles at launch. This availability includes cross-platform support so players can take progression with them and play with friends who weren’t lucky enough to get new machines.

In case you need a refresher, the PS5 comes out on November 12 and the Xbox Series X | S come out on November 10. Despite the different dates, Phoenix Labs is ready to have Dauntless available for download as soon as you open the box.

The news comes as part of a long letter from Phoenix Labs CEO Jesse Houston. In it, he looks excitedly towards the future of the game. This includes the next-gen launch, but also a big update in December that will change the pace of the game. Hunts are supposed to last longer in the new system, and will carry expanded progression as a result. The team apparently calls it “Stay and Slay.”

The move comes as many other games announce their next-gen plans. Rare announced today that Sea of Thieves will run at 4k and 60fps on Xbox Series X. Days Gone will do the same on PS5 and carry save data over from PS4. Phonenix Labs gave no word on a Dauntless upgrade for next gen, so all fans can do now is hope.

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