Days Gone: How To Recover Crossbow Bolts

The Crossbow is a crucial weapon in Days Gone. As Deacon travels around post-apocalyptic Oregon, he will encounter various enemies, including humans, animals, and ravenous freaks. If you want to kill them without being detected or want a source of ammo that can be crafted, the Crossbow is easily the most important weapon in your arsenal.

Another killer aspect of the Crossbow is Deacon’s ability to recover used Crossbow bolts. However, this isn’t available straight away. Here’s everything you need to know about recovering Crossbow bolts in Days Gone.

The Thorn In Your Side Survival Skill

Skills are essential to your survival in Days Gone. If you want to use the Crossbow, none is more important than Thorn In Your Side. It is a tier 1 survival skill, found on the third row in the Survival tab.

Thorn In Your Side provides a chance to retrieve some bolts that have been fired from your Crossbow. Although not every bolt will be recovered, it should be enough to save you from crafting a new batch every few minutes.

To recover a bolt, make sure you have this skill. Then, simply fire a bolt at an enemy. When you approach the corpse, you might find the bolt lying there waiting to be picked up and reused.

Other Important Crossbow Skills

There are a few more skills that will help you always have plenty of bolts. With these, not only will you be able to recover bolts, but you’ll also be able to craft them much easier.

Hawkeyed is also a tier 1 survival skill that displays all plants around you on the mini-map. This makes foraging better, as you don’t need to know which plants you can and can’t harvest. Crossbow bolts need Cedar Sapling, so look for the tree icon on the mini-map to find them.

If you still aren’t finding enough Cedar Sapling to easily craft more bolts, take the Green Thumb skill too. It is a tier 2 survival skill that gives Deacon the ability to gather double the plants when collecting them. This skill is invaluable when foraging for materials to craft more bolts or any other item that requires them.

Once you have enough cedar saplings, grab some scrap from nearby cars. With those ingredients, you can make some bolts in the crafting menu.

With the above information, you will now be able to recover your Crossbow bolts. You will also be able to craft more of them, as you can find and gather more Cedar Saplings with the foraging perks. If you want to try out something different, make sure you know all the best weapons in Days Gone.

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