Days Gone: Sherman’s Camp Infestation Guide

In Days Gone, Infestations are locations that have become overrun with Freaks. Deacon can clear them out to not only earn XP and Trust but also enable fast travel in new areas of the map.

After first visiting Iron Mike’s Camp in Lost Lake, you will be asked to visit a local town called Sherman’s Camp. Upon arrival, you will see that the town is home to some Freaker nests. Here’s everything you need to know to destroy the infestations in Sherman’s Camp.

Sherman’s Camp Infestation Nest Locations

There are three nests in Sherman’s Camp. They are close together, so you can leave your bike at the entrance to the town. However, the area is quite dangerous, with Raiders and freaks roaming all over. Be cautious, and bring some good guns with plenty of ammo.

Sherman’s Camp Nest #1

The first nest in Sherman’s Camp is in the Barbershop in town. This is located on the perimeter of the inner circle of the town. Look for the yellow school bus and Spring Creek Preschool, as these are next to the Barbershop. Look through the door and the nest will be in the corner of the room.

Sherman’s Camp Nest #2-3

The other nests are both found in Frederick’s Fine Furniture Co. One nest is downstairs, but you can only access it from the back of the building, as the front is barricaded.

The other is upstairs, but you can’t get up from inside. Instead, go outside and find the stairs leading up between the Furniture shop and the Mexican Restaurant. Climb through the window onto the first floor of the furniture store and you will find the nest in the corner.

Sherman’s Camp Survival Tips

There are police cars scattered around Sherman’s Camp. Deacon can open the trunks to find ammo for his various weapons, so search these if you need to restock whilst clearing the town.

After destroying the first nest in the Barbershop, take a look around inside. You will find a baseball bat in the main room, whilst a beer bottle is in the bathroom. Whilst walking around the town, keep an eye out for other materials like kerosene and rags, as they are littered through the streets.

If you need more resources, the Metolius Bank building (found in the middle of Sherman’s Camp) has attractor bombs, flashbangs, rags, and some ammo on the roof. To get up, you need to enter through the National Postal Service building next door.

Climb through the downstairs window, walk into the bank and then go upstairs. You will find a door leading onto a balcony. Climb the ladder here to find the supplies scattered around.

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