Dead Cells Celebrates 6 Million In Sales With Yet Another DLC Announcement

Dead Cells is the game that refuses to die. In fact, Dead Cells is bigger than ever with nearly double its total sales compared to last year thanks to releasing on Android mobile devices.

Six million in sales for a little indie dev like Motion Twin is huge. It also means that Motion Twin can keep pumping out DLC for another year, starting with The Queen of the Sea.

"The route that we started so long ago with The Bad Seed and Fatal Falls will be neatly tied off with a slightly unconventional bow," writes Motion Twin in a blog update. Described as "the epic conclusion of our DLC Trilogy" that began with The Bad Seed, The Queen of the Sea will arrive on PC and consoles in the first quarter of 2022.

As with Bad Seed and Fatal Falls, The Queen of the Sea adds two new biomes, new weapons, new enemies, and a new boss fight. In fact, it's an alternate end boss. Both Shipwreck and Lighthouse run parallel to High Peak Castle and Throne Room, which makes the Queen of the Sea a replacement for the Hand of the King. And naturally, you get a new ending for defeating her.

Unfortunately, Motion Twin wasn't willing to expound on the other new content. We know one of the new weapons will be a shark that you wield like a sword thanks to one of the screenshots, and we know the Queen herself will be guarded by at least three assassins thanks to the teaser trailer. And there's also a "new not-so-cuddly pet" coming too.

The Queen of the Sea will cost $4.99 just like Bad Seed and Fatal Falls. Motion Twin will use the funds to create more free content for Dead Cells in 2022, and also power their new game project. Yes, that's right: there's a new game coming from Motion Twin. They also have a "good chunk of content planned" for Dead Cells over the next year.

In the meantime, you can fight with Hollow Knight's sword in Dead Cells' latest free update, available now on all platforms.

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