Dead Island 2 Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Weapons, Enemies, And Zombie Powers

Dambuster Studios has given us our best look at Dead Island 2 yet with a brand new gameplay trailer, showcasing some of the weapons and enemies you can expect to find across LA, as well as some gnarly zombie powers you'll be able to use to tear apart your enemies.

This new gameplay trailer was shown off during a Dead Island 2 showcase event which has definitely delivered the goods. It begins with a general overview of LA, showing off more of the game's environments that you'll be able to explore and knock around some zombies in. We also get to see some of the survivors you'll encounter on your zombie smashing journey, each one zanier than the last.

We know what Dead Island is all about thought, and that's the weaponry. Thankfully, it seems like Dead Island 2 will have plenty of ways for you to dismember and brutalize the undead, as the trailer gives us a look at weapons like, spears, katanas, bear claws, and a whole bunch of firearms. If you want to get up close and personal, there's even a stomp you can use to finish zombies off and a good old-fashioned dive kick to send them flying. It wouldn't be a zombie game without one these days.

Of course, one of the highlights of the original Dead Island was the crafting element, as the game allowed you to make uniques weapons with a variety of effects. Dead Island 2 looks to be no different, as the trailer showcases just a couple of the wacky contraptions you can make, including a flaming sledgehammer and an electrified machete.

Last but not least, Dead Island 2 also reveals that the player gets bitten early on in the game, but adopts some unique abilities instead of getting zombified. For reasons currently unknown, you'll be able to unleash your new zombie powers every now again, giving you the ability to tear through enemies at breakneck speed.

Unfortunately, we've still got a fair bit of time to wait until we can get our hands on all this zombie-laying action, as Dead Island 2 launches on April 28, 2023.

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