Death End Re;Quest 2 – Should You Search For Abigail?

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  • Go Home – She May Have Returned
  • Search For Abigail Just In Case

Chapter Five revolves around Liliana and her mother's abusive relationship. Death end re;Quest 2 is nothing if not brutally on the nose, and after a parental spat, Liliana, her mother, and Abigail go missing.

The ever-reliable Mai is on the case, and it’s not long before you are met with another gripping multi-choice conundrum to ponder over. You have found Liliana, but Abigail is still missing…what do you do? Spoilers ahead.

Go Home – She May Have Returned

Opting to head back to Wordsworth and not look for Abigail has no immediate drawback. You make it home safe, things seem mostly normal, and the game continues until the end of the chapter with nothing going awry.

Unfortunately, going down this route has doomed a side character to death later down the line. This death is permanent, and it nudges you away from the ‘Good’ ending. There is no ‘Game Over’ assigned to this option – you just have to live with the consequences of your actions.

Search For Abigail Just In Case

If you choose to look for Abigail, your party will split up. Rottie and Liliana will leave your party for the time being, and Mai (along with the various Avatars gifted by Shina) must continue to explore the farmstead.

Mai will eventually stumble upon Abigail, who got lost looking for Liliana. This quickly leads to another line of questioning surrounding mysterious symbols and a passcode. You now have another grueling choice to make.

Head Straight Back

Choosing to head straight back fakes you out for a little while. Mai gets back to Wordsworth and goes to find Rottie and Liliana. She is unable to find the duo, and so she heads back into the forest. What she finds is a swift ‘Game Over’ and a unique piece of artwork.

Congratulations, you have just unlocked the fourth secret ‘Bad’ ending. You are given the option to return to your previous decision.

Look For The Passcode

If you decide to help Abigail look for the Passcode, you will spend some time rummaging through the general area. You decide to head back, and along the way, you encounter Rottie and Liliana who were out looking for you. Everyone makes it back to Wordsworth alive and well, and the Chapter continues.

Choosing this option will keep you locked to the ‘Good’ ending.

As is always the case with these multiple-choice pathways, you should be saving and making multiple save slots. Picking the wrong path can permanently send you down the road to a bad ending.

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