Death Stranding Fans Think They’ve Figured Out Who The Masked Person Is

Death Stranding fans have a few Kojima-esque theories as to who the guitar-wielding figure is at the end of the reveal trailer for Death Stranding 2.

Yesterday, Hideo Kojima took to the stage at The Game Awards to finally confirm the existence of Death Stranding 2, after having teased it for the past few months. The trailer revealed that Sam, Fragile, and Lou are back, although it wasn't made clear exactly what their adventure is going to be about this time.

Although pretty much all of the trailer was wild and open to interpretation and theories, one of the more interesting elements comes towards the end. As the trailer is wrapping up, we see a group of people clad in red with devices that look like Odradeks attached to them. In the middle of them is a character with Troy Baker's voice wielding a guitar and singing a rendition of BB's theme, all while having see-through guts.

Death Stranding fans have done what they do best and have started theorising over who this person could be. The reigning theory right now is that this is some kind of merging between Amelie, the figure that Sam ran into on The Beach in the first game, and Higgs, the main antagonist who is voiced by Troy Baker.

As pointed out by Redditor milkmamn, the person shown at the end of the trailer has the same hair as Amelie, as well as wearing the same necklace around their neck. The mask that they wear also has the same facial structure as Amelie did. All of these factors combine make it clear that whoever it is has either been inspired by Amelie or has used her body somehow.

Then there's the voice. As pointed out by the credits that pop up next to the person as they sing, the voice is very clearly coming from Troy Baker, who voiced Higgs in the last game. Higgs was pretty obsessed with Amelie and ended up being defeated at her beach, so it's possible that the two have merged somehow. We also see this character being carried in a red coffin, with the same colour scheme as the outfits, implying that they've died and been reborn at some point.

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