Demon’s Souls: The 5 Best Enemies To Farm For Souls (& 5 That Are More Trouble Than It’s Worth)

Demon’s Souls created the popular souls-like formula which many FromSoftware games would later follow, mainly Dark Souls and Bloodborne. Being the first of its kind, there is some imbalance throughout the adventure, pitting players against enemies and bosses that are way overpowered. As a result, you will likely find yourself farming for souls to grind through levels.

Since the remake on the PS5 is virtually identical to the original 2009 classic, the same holds true for the new release. To help speed up the process of farming for souls, this guide details those enemies who should be targetted and those who should be avoided entirely. For the latter, they are either too much trouble or do not even give out many souls in the first place.

10 More Trouble Than It’s Worth: Fat Official

These enemies are first encountered in the second Archstone. While not mobile, they are still surprisingly dangerous for the low level you are at during the first encounters. The flame attack does some serious damage, but getting in too close leaves you vulnerable to even stronger melee attacks.

They generally block progress from mandatory areas, almost acting as mini-bosses. The Fat Official shows up again in the first Archstone in the area after the Tower Knight, which is only accessible after defeating the Dragon God at the end of the second Archstone.

9 Should Farm: Gargoyle

These flying pests are found in the second area of the Third Archstone, after defeating the Fool’s Idol boss. Even though the Gargoyles fly, they are not particularly difficult. They only become troublesome once two or more gang up on you, which only has the chance of happening about once or twice during the level.

They commonly drop Unknown Soldier Souls and Unknown Hero Souls, which provide souls once they are consumed. These items allow you to still earn souls even if you die twice in a row and lose the ones acquired from enemies.

8 More Trouble Than It’s Worth: Giant Bearbug

The Stonefang Tunnel is one of the more confusing labyrinths in Demon’s Souls, which is saying something special. Thankfully, there is a way to avoid it entirely and head straight to the boss just by turning right at the first fork in the caves and carefully jumping down the pit.

This is good because you can bypass any confrontations with Giant Bearbugs, who have an incredibly large health bar and high defense. Not only are they not worth farming, but they also are not worth encountering at all.

7 Farm: Hoplite

Hoplites do not give a lot of souls, but they are abundant in a small room right after defeating Phalanx, the first boss. Consequently, they are a decent option for a quick couple of thousand souls.

Later in the game, Hoplites are useless, but early on they are a good way to earn a quick level or two if you need to become a little bit stronger or slightly boost your defense. They also drop plenty of Hardstones and Sharpstones, which are used to upgrade certain weapons.

6 More Trouble Than It Is Worth: Mind flayer

These magicians are found in the third Archstone. Their long-range attacks are powerful, while up close they can stun you and follow it up with a powerful grab.

Mind Flayers are the hardest for melee builds. Later on in the same Archstone more powerful variants show up, including one up a narrow flight of stairs. Not only are they hard, but they are just not fun to fight.

5 Farm: Gold Skeleton

The skeleton enemies are surprisingly fun to fight because they are humanoid adversaries with blades. Once you recognize their moves, battling them becomes a dance of sorts, highlighting the best elements of Demon’s Souls. Gold Skeletons are encountered rather plentiful in the second area of the Fourth Archstone, after beating the Adjudicator boss.

This area in general is a solid place to farm souls and practice your fighting technique. Sometimes you have to fight two at the same time, so it is better to have the Thief Ring equipped so you can attract only one of them at a time.

4 More Trouble Than It’s Worth: Giant Depraved One

Despite being the last area in the sequence, the fifth Archstone is one of the easier ones in the game. The enemies in general are not too tough, nor do they drop a lot of souls. Even the Giant Depraved Ones roaming the area drop fewer souls than you would expect, considering their difficulty.

Generally, once you defeat this Archstone, you have no reason to return and are better off farming in different areas.

3 Farm: Reaper

The Reaper is an annoying enemy to fight, especially for melee builds, but they are worth the trouble for how easy it is to farm souls. There is one waiting for you right at the start of the fourth Archstone’s second area.

Magicians and archers can take it out from a distance, but even close-range attackers should not have too hard a time farming this one enemy to level up quickly.

2 More Trouble Than It’s Worth: Phosphorescent Slug

These enemies are found in two places, and they are always in abundance. Despite being very easy to kill, they are not worth farming because they are always found in the middle of a level, away from any bonfire.

They also do not net a lot of souls, so you would have to repeat the process numerous times for some results. Considering the farming options available, you will never have to consider doing this for some souls.

1 Farm: Storm Beast

The Storm Beasts are almost impossible to kill throughout the fourth Archstone, but you have a chance for vengeance at the end. After defeating the Storm King, you can return to the area where you fought it and use the Storm Ruler to defeat the Storm Beasts here.

You can take all of the Storm Beasts out in just a minute, reload using the bonfire in the area, and repeat the process as many times as you want. In just a few minutes, you can easily rack up well over 100,000 souls, making it perfect for some late-game grinding.

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