Destiny 2 Beyond Light: How To Earn The Splintered Title

Titles are one of the best ways to show off your accomplishments in Destiny 2. Beyond Light has added three more titles for Guardians to chase: Descendant, Splintered, and Warden. Splintered is arguably the hardest to earn out of the trio, requiring weeks of commitment to earn.

Nearly every secret on Europa must be uncovered to earn Splintered. Penguin Souvenirs, dead Exos, and Augment Triumphs are just a few things you’ll need to hunt down. From destroying dozens of drones to soloing Master Lost Sectors, here is a complete guide to earning the Splintered title in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

Europan Collector

Europan Collector is the badge associated with all of Europa’s items. Earning this badge will require you to earn the following:

  • Last Flight Home: Obtained by earning 1,400 Triumph score on Europa.
  • Bright Warning: Complete the “Salvage the Past” Triumph.
  • Shattered Sky: Complete the “Reuniting The Eventide Rookery” Triumph.
  • Gilded Smoke: Generate 250 Orbs of Power in elected difficulty Empire Hunts.
  • Europan Eclipse: Defeat 100 Champions in elected difficulty Empire Hunts.
  • Salvation’s Downfall: In an Eclipsed Zone, defeat 500 targets in groups of four or more.
  • Crystocrene Armor Set: Obtained from Variks bounties or HVT Brigs on Europa.
  • Salvation’s Grip: Complete the quest “The Stasis Prototype.”
  • The Lament: Complete the “Lost Lament” quest.
  • Cloudstrike: Has a chance of dropping from elected difficulty Empire Hunts.
  • Europa Guns: Obtained from Empire Hunts or Variks weapon quests.

Fortunately, most of the items in this badge can be earned while chasing this title. Most Triumphs associated with Splintered will grant items tied to this badge. The only items you need to focus on getting are Cloudstrike, the Gilded Smoke and Europan Eclipse Shaders, and every Europa weapon.

Master Of The Hunt

Master of the Hunt: Complete any Empire Hunt on Master difficulty.

Empire Hunts have difficulty variants that become available after you complete the “Europan Explorer II” Sabotage quest from Variks. Master difficulty is the highest tier for Empire Hunts, setting the Power Level requirement to 1,280 while adding additional modifiers to the mission. Similar to Nightfalls, higher tiers of Empire Hunts disable matchmaking.

Treat these Empire Hunts as Nightfalls. Get a fireteam together through an LFG website or Discord server before attempting one. Make sure you also have anti-Champion Mods equipped. You only need to complete the mission; deaths and completion tier (Gold, Platinum, etc.) are irrelevant here.

Solo Lost Sector Mastery

Solo Lost Sector Mastery: Complete any Europa Lost Sector on Master difficulty without a fireteam.

Master Lost Sectors have a Power Level of 1,280. Since these force you to play solo, it is best to be at least 1,270 Power before attempting these. The chosen Master Lost Sector rotates daily, meaning you can always wait if the daily Lost Sector is especially tough. Perdition is the easiest of the bunch. Bunker E15 is also a good Lost Sector if you’re severely underleveled but need this Triumph.

For more specific tips on how to beat certain Lost Sectors on Master difficulty by yourself, consult the guides linked below.

  • Bunker E15 Master Lost Sector Guide
  • Concealed Void Master Lost Sector Guide
  • Exodus Garden 2A Master Lost Sector Guide
  • Perdition Master Lost Sector Guide
  • Veles Labyrinth Master Lost Sector Guide

Masterful Saboteur

Masterful Saboteur: Complete every Sabotage quest from Variks.

Variks has 21 Sabotage quests that must be completed to earn this Triumph. Every quest requires a certain amount of Herealways Pieces, higher tier quests requiring more. Focus on earning the “Europan Protector” and “Empire Hunt” quests done. These quests make Herealways Pieces easier to earn and make Empire Hunts from Variks cost less. This is a rather long grind due to the limited influx of Herealways Pieces. As a result, this will take a week or two to complete if you’re earning 30 Herealways Pieces daily.

Fallen Brig Brigade

Fallen Brig Brigade: As a fireteam, defeat 50 Fallen Brigs as part of the “Crux Convergence” public event.

As the Triumph implies, you need to be in a fireteam for Fallen Brig kills to count. Look for like-minded Guardians on Europa or online to team up with. From there, wait for a Crux Convergence Public Event to start. Each event spawns four Brigs if you activate the Heroic modifier. In Crux Convergence’s case, shoot the drones swarming the Darkness Shards to make it Heroic.

It will take 13 Heroic Public events to complete this Triumph. Sadly, this event seems to spawn a few times consecutively before disappearing for hours at a time. If you don’t see this Public Event spawn after a few tries, it’s best to wait an hour or two before trying again. This is easily the most tedious part of earning Splintered. Consider chasing this Triumph over multiple play sessions to prevent boredom.

Training Complete

Training Complete: Complete all Exo Challenges.

Exo Challenges rotate on a weekly basis. There are three in total that you’ll need to beat. Each challenge is trivial and takes little time to complete. Before starting any Exo Challenges, consider completing Variks’ “Europan Explorer III” Sabotage quest. This will cause your first weekly Exo Challenge to grant pinnacle gear upon completion.

Born In Darkness

Born in Darkness: Complete “Born in Darkness.”

Born in Darkness is the Exo Stranger’s questline.  She will give you the quest after completing Europa’s campaign. Each step involves defeating targets with Stasis and using Stasis in core activities. Completing this questline grants the Triumph and all three Stasis grenades.

Reuniting The Eventide Rookery

Reuniting the Eventide Rookery: A penguin toy given to the children of Eventide, courtesy of Mr. Clovis Bray. We should reunite all nine of them with their friends.

Nine Penguin Souvenirs must be recovered and placed in Charon’s Crossing to complete this Triumph. They are similar to the Dreaming City cats and the Moon’s Daito Rabbits. Instead of gifting penguins some sort of item, most have a challenge tied to them. Claiming this Triumph will grant the Shattered Sky Shader, an item needed to complete the Europan Collector badge.

For an in-depth guide on every Penguin Souvenir location, consult this guide.

Studying Darkness

Studying Darkness: Find all nine Entropic Shards scattered across Europa.

Entropic Shards are small Darkness Shards that are only vulnerable to Salvation’s Grip. There are nine in total to find and destroy, most of which are in obvious locations. Here is a guide covering where you can find each Entropic Shard.

Salvage The Past

Salvage the Past: Find all nine dead Exo collectibles hidden across Europa.

If you’ve completed the “Lost Lament” quest, you have at least three dead Exos scanned already. There are nine in total to find on Europa, each providing a small snippet of lore about the original Exo models. All nine Exo locations can be found here.

Augmented Obsession

Augmented Obsession: Complete all eight Augment Triumphs.

Europa’s weekly Eclipsed Zone will have sets of drones floating around the area. Augment Triumphs require you to obtain the Scanner buff and shoot these drones in a specific order. Destroying one set of drones will complete a Triumph. Only one Triumph can be completed per week. There are eight in total.

The drone locations are as follows:

  1. Augment: Bray Exoscience
  2. Augment: Eternity
  3. Augment: Creation
  4. Augment: Riis-Reborn Approach
  5. Augment: Technocrat’s Iron
  6. Augment: Kell’s Rising
  7. Augment: Nexus
  8. Augment: Well of Infinitude

To receive the Scanner buff, purchase the Braytech Transponder consumable from Variks. Note that only one can be purchased per week. While in an Eclipsed Zone, keep an eye out for Vandals carrying the Scanner buff. Defeating them will allow you to grab the buff, so long as you have a Braytech Transponder.

Run to locations near the Eclipsed Zone to spot a group of drones. They spawn in sets of four. You must destroy the drone glowing yellow; destroying any other drone will cause the group to despawn. Once destroyed, a second drone will glow yellow. Kill that drone, then destroy the final drone. A terminal should spawn soon after that must be activated. Do this to two more drone groups in the area to complete the Triumph. There are eight Triumphs in total, meaning there are 24 drone sets to destroy.

YouTuber 360GameTV has a playlist covering each Augment location that you can view here. Videos 34 through 36 cover this particular Triumph.

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