Destiny 2: Every Adept Trials Of Osiris Weapon, Ranked

With the release of Season of the Hunt for Destiny 2, Bungie has included a new type of reward for going flawless in Trials of Osiris. Named Adept weapons, these weapon variants a +3 bonus to all stats when Masterworked on top of the +10 bonus Masterworking typically provides. Better yet, these weapons can equip exclusive Adept Mods that are stronger than their non-Adept counterpart.

Most will argue that these changes are not enough to warrant going flawless in Trials For many players, that is the case; a large majority of Trials of Osiris weapons don’t benefit from the new Adept Mods. However, there are a few exceptions that make great use of the additional stats. Here is how every Adept weapon fairs against one another.

6 The Scholar (Adept)

Scout Rifles have seen some consistency upgrades in Beyond Light. This weapon archetype does surprisingly well in long-range PvP engagements, yet The Scholar still struggles to find a niche when up against MIDA Multi-Tool or Transfiguration.

Consistency is this weapon’s focus; perks such as Opening Shot and Elemental Capacitor can roll on this weapon to make every shot feel responsive. Sadly, the prevalence of Stasis means Elemental Capacitor has lost a lot of its luster. Worse, very few Adept Mods give The Scholar a leg up over its competition. Adept Targeting might be the best pick for this weapon, but The Scholar’s low aim assist value of 32 will never rival MIDA’s 100 aim assist or the 70-80 aim assist value that most 120 RPM Hand Cannons have.

5 Exile’s Curse (Adept)

Fusion Rifles are in a rough spot in Destiny 2 currently. These weapons are mediocre at clearing out enemies in PvE while they can’t compete with Precision Frame Shotguns or Sniper Rifles in PvP. Sadly, not even the Adept variant of Exile’s Curse can change that.

While it has a solid range stat thanks to its High-Impact Frame, Exile’s Curse is lacking crucial perks such as Backup Plan and Under Pressure. The best perks for this weapon are arguably Firmly Planted and Elemental Capacitor, a strange perk combination since most players don’t slide while firing a Fusion Rifle. Still, the increased stability can make this weapon much more effective at range. For PvE, this weapon can be surprisingly good if your roll has Multikill Clip, although Guardians that need a PvE Fusion Rifle will get better results from Telesto.

4 Tomorrow’s Answer (Adept)

Tomorrow’s Answer is a surprisingly good Rocket Launcher now that Adept Mods have been released. This weapon has excellent damage and blast radius, capable of killing most Guardians in their Super or major opponents in PvP and PvE, respectively.

Tracking Module and Clown Cartridge is a great combination for any activity, allowing this weapon to have a two-round cartridge that can be used for burst DPS or for tracking down Guardians. PvE players should focus on obtaining Field Prep and Cluster Bombs, making this weapon an add-clearing machine that can just as easily kill majors. Jump in the air, fire a rocket, then crouch as you land to get a near-instant reload. Adept Mods such as Adept Handling can remove the awkward fire delay this weapon has, further improving its viability in all activities.

3 The Summoner (Adept)

The jack of all trades has become even stronger thanks to Adept Mods. The Summoner is one of the best Auto Rifles in the game even without Adept Mods, which is mostly due to the weapon’s excellent sights and solid perk selection.

As with the standard variant, Dynamic Sway Reduction and Rangefinder are excellent for console and PC users that frequent the Crucible. However, PC players deal with so little recoil on this gun that replacing Dynamic Sway Reduction for Moving Target is a sound choice, upping this weapon’s aim assist value even higher. Adept Range, Adept Handling, and Adept Targeting can further enhance this weapon’s already excellent stat package. Those with perfectly-rolled Summoners don’t have much reason to get an Adept variant, but those chasing the perfect roll for this gun should consider obtaining the Adept variant to take advantage of some of these Mods.

2 Eye Of Sol (Adept)

Adaptive Frame Sniper Rifles are considered the worst amongst all Sniper Rifle archetypes. While Eye of Sol might be apart of that archetype, this weapon is a devastating choice inside of PvE and PvP with the right perks.

Adept Mods have given Eye of Sol new life inside of PvP. The Adept Targeting Mod gives this weapon ten aim assist, which can take its base aim assist stat of 68 to 78. Pair this with one or two Sniper Targeting Mods in your helmet to nearly cap out this gun’s aim assist value, making it one of the most consistent Sniper Rifles in the game. Snapshot Sights and Opening Shot further amplify this weapon’s ease of use. For PvE, Field Prep and Vorpal Weapon make for a solid anti-Champion weapon in Master Lost Sectors and Nightfalls.

1 Astral Horizon (Adept)

The king of Kinetic Shotguns has gotten even stronger. Astral Horizon is already a top-tier Shotgun since it can roll with both Quickdraw and Opening Shot at the same time, yet this weapon struggled to achieve a high range state due to its Aggressive Frame.

That is no longer a worry thanks to Adept Mods. Accurized Rounds, a range Masterwork, and Adept Range up this weapon’s range stat from 32 to 62! So long as you’re willing to sacrifice Full Choke, you can use Rifled Barrel to take that range stat to 72. Considering this weapon is already one of the most consistent Shotguns in Destiny 2 currently, adding additional damage falloff to this gun makes it arguably better than Felwinter’s Lie. PvP players skilled enough to go flawless should seriously consider farming this weapon. PvE players can safely skip farming this weapon, though, as the bonus to range hardly matters in Nightfalls and raids.

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