Destiny 2: Every Weapon Coming In Season Of The Chosen

Season of the Chosen is shaping up to be a rather large season for Destiny 2. A new game mode is being added, Adept weapons are being added to Grandmaster Nightfalls, and new loot will be available for Guardians to chase.

Based on promotional material and certain developer comments, Season of the Chosen appears to have 34 different weapons that can be earned. Some of these guns are completely new, while others are reprisals from vanilla Destiny 2. In anticipation for the new season, let’s go over every weapon Bungie has shown thus far for Season of the Chosen.

Season Of The Chosen Weapons

Exotic Weapons

Two Exotic weapons have been confirmed thus far:

  1. Ticcu’s Divination: A Solar Bow that fires three arrows with each attack. Each arrow tracks targets independently of one another.
  2. Mystery Tex Mechanica Exotic: If it’s a reissue, it will either be The First Curse Hand Cannon or the Zen Meteor Sniper Rifle. Of course, it could be a new weapon entirely.

Ticcu’s Divination is obtained at rank 35 of the Season Pass for all players, rank 1 if you purchased Season of the Chosen. Season owners will obtain the mystery Tex Mechanica Exotic in a questline at a later date. It is currently unknown if a third, hidden Exotic is tied to this season.

Seasonal Activity Weapons

Taking inspiration from the now-sunset Leviathan weapons, Season of the Chosen features Cabal-themed weapons that have a more rugged take on the regal arsenal fans are familiar with. Out of the six weapons tied with this aesthetic, only four are from the new Battleground game type. They are the following:

  1. Sniper Rifle: Appears to be similar to Alone as a God, featuring a long barrel and a large magazine. This is most likely a Rapid-Fire Sniper Rifle.
  2. Submachine Gun: Appears similar to the Protostar CSU and Showrunner SMGs. This is most likely an Adaptive Frame Kinetic SMG.
  3. Rocket Launcher: Shockingly similar to Sins of the Past, albeit with a different scope and barrel design. This is most likely a High-Impact Rocket Launcher.
  4. Bow: A completely new weapon with a new design. The archetype and damage type are anyone’s guess.

Season Pass Weapons

Browsing the Season Pass rewards on the website, we can deduce the two seasonal weapons that will be in the Season Pass: a Linear Fusion Rifle and Sidearm.

  1. Linear Fusion Rifle: Obtained at rank 30 in the free track. This is a completely new design since the Leviathan raids didn’t have a Linear Fusion Rifle in their loot pool.
  2. Sidearm: Obtained at rank 45 in the free track. It appears distinctly different than Last of the Legion.

Core Playlist Weapons

Before we go into the weapon roster, one of Bungie’s community managers, Cozmo, confirmed in a Reddit comment that two of Season of the Chosen’s new weapons are 120 RPM Hand Cannons. We’ve seen one Hand Cannon thus far, the new Trials Hand Cannon, leaving one up in the air.

This either means The First Curse is coming back or, more likely, one of the core activity weapons is a 120 RPM Hand Cannon. There is also the possibility that Palindrome is returning as an Aggressive Frame, but that is highly unlikely.

Ritual Weapon

One Ritual weapon is being added in Season of the Chosen:

  1. Salvager’s Salvo: A Breech-Loaded Grenade Launcher, most likely Kinetic.

Not much is known about it, except it shares the same acquisition and ornamental system that Adored has. Since it’s a Ritual weapon, Salvager’s Silo will have two perks in its main perk columns.


Two weapons are confirmed to be introduced in the Strike loot pool in Season of the Chosen (source). What these weapons are, however, is a mystery. Judging from the appearance of Retrofuturist in the trailer, we’ll likely see one reprised weapon from Year 1 in the Strike and Gambit loot pools as well.

  1. Unknown: Likely a new weapon.
  2. Unknown: Likely a reprised weapon.


Three weapons from the original Destiny will be obtainable as Nightfall-exclusive weapons in Season of the Chosen.

  1. Palindrome: An Adaptive Frame Kinetic Hand Cannon.
  2. Shadow Price: An Adaptive Frame Kinetic Auto Rifle.
  3. The Swarm: An Adaptive Frame Machine Gun. The element type is unknown.

All three of these weapons also have Adept variants that have a chance to drop in Grandmaster Nightfall completions. Technically, this means Nightfalls are receiving six weapons.


Crucible will be receiving two new weapons in Season of the Chosen, one of which appears to be the return of Retrofuturist.

  1. Unknown: Likely a new weapon.
  2. Retrofuturist: This can be seen in the Season of the Chosen trailer (the Titan is holding it in the above image). Since this weapon was tied to the Crucible in Year 1, it’s safe to say that Retrofuturist is one of the two new weapons being added to the Crucible loot pool.


Gambit will also be receiving two new weapons in Season of the Chosen. What these weapons are, however, is a mystery.

  1. Unknown: Likely a new weapon.
  2. Unknown: Likely a reprised weapon.

Trials Of Osiris Weapons

Three new Trials of Osiris weapons have been confirmed for Season of the Chosen:

  1. Pulse Rifle: Appears similar to The Messenger Pulse Rifle from the original Destiny. If they’re related, this might be a High-Impact Frame.
  2. Hand Cannon: Uses a SUROS design, similar to Nature of the Beast. Judging from its recoil in the trailer and Cozmo’s Reddit comment, this will most likely be a 120 RPM Hand Cannon.
  3. Caster Frame Sword: This is a Solar version of Temptation’s Hook, featuring the same heavy attack and overall appearance.

Similar to the Nightfall weapons, these will likely have Adept variants you can obtain from going flawless in Trials of Osiris. We aren’t including these in our count of 34 weapons, however, as Bungie has not explicitly stated that this is the case.

Reprised Gear

Iron Banner

Two returning Iron Banner weapons can be seen in the Season of the Chosen trailer, which lines up with how previous seasons have reissued two Iron Banner weapons. They are the following:

  1. Multimach CCX: A Lightweight Frame Kinetic SMG.
  2. The Time-Worn Spire: A Rapid-Fire Frame Kinetic Pulse Rifle.

Note that the last time we’ve seen a Rapid-Fire Frame Pulse Rifle in the Kinetic Slot was Autumn Wind back in Curse of Osiris! Everyone should farm for a good roll of The Time-Worn Spire when Iron Banner is active.

Dreaming City Weapons

Four Dreaming City weapons are confirmed to be returning next season (source):

  1. Waking Vigil: An Adaptive Frame Hand Cannon that deals Arc damage. The standard perk pool favors PvP perks such as Opening Shot.
  2. Sleepless: A High-Impact Frame Rocket Launcher that deals Arc damage.
  3. Vouchsafe: A Lightweight Frame Scout Rifle that deals Void damage. It can roll similar perks as Night Watch and Patron of Lost Causes.
  4. Retold Tale: A Precision Frame Shotgun that deals Void damage. It can roll with Quickdraw and Slideshot.

In addition to the reprised weapons, completing encounters in the Shattered Throne dungeon will drop versions of these weapons that can roll with perks unavailable from other reward sources.

Moon Weapons

Similar to the Dreaming City, four Moon weapons are coming back in Season of the Chosen (source). They are the following:

  1. Blasphemer: A Precision Frame Kinetic Shotgun. This weapon can roll with Quickdraw and Opening Shot.
  2. Heretic: An Aggressive Frame Rocket Launcher that deals Arc damage. This weapon can roll with Demolitionist and Cluster Bombs.
  3. Apostate: A Rapid-Fire Frame Sniper Rifle that deals Arc damage. Perks include Moving Target and Quickdraw.
  4. Premonition: A High-Impact Frame Kinetic Pulse Rifle. Premonition can only drop in the Pit of Heresy dungeon. Perks include Outlaw and Kill Clip.

Just as with the Dreaming City reissued gear, completing encounters in the Pit of Heresy dungeon will drop versions of these weapons that can roll with perks unavailable from other reward sources.

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