Destiny 2: How To Earn The Kingslayer Title

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Destiny 2's version of the King's Fall raid comes with its own title: Kingslayer. Players looking to earn this title will need to demonstrate mastery over this reprised raid through a series of difficult Triumphs, ranging from loadout restrictions to Master-tier clears.

As far as raid titles go, Kingslayer is one of Destiny 2's easier titles to get. You don't need the raid Exotic for this one, and the rotating challenges are (mostly) straightforward. This guide will cover every Triumph tied to Kingslayer, how best to complete them, and we'll link to useful resources that cover more in-depth strategies for certain Triumphs.

Complete The King's Fall Badge

You can view your King's Fall badge progress from the Collections tab of your inventory menu. Look at the bottom-right of the page to find every badge. Select the "King's Fall Badge" to view which items you're missing.

Every raid title has a corresponding raid badge, showcasing all the items you've collected from that activity. For King's Fall, you'll need to get your hands on all Legendary weapons, armor pieces, and the Master-related cosmetics to finish this badge. You do not need Touch of Malice to claim this badge.

The exact badge requirements can be found below.

NameItem TypeSource
Ossified SkycarverShipMaster Difficulty
Ossein EarthcarverSparrowComplete All Challenges On Master
Ancient WisdomSparrowFind Every Hidden Chest
NameItem TypeSource
Smite of MerainPulse RifleWarpriest | Golgoroth | Oryx
Doom of ChelchisScout RifleOpening | Totems | Golgoroth | Oryx
Zaouli's BaneHand CannonDaughters | Oryx
Midha's ReckoningFusion RifleGolgoroth | Oryx
Defiance of YasminSniper RifleWarpriest | Daughters | Oryx
Qullim's TerminusMachine GunTotems | Golgoroth | Oryx
NameItem TypeSource
Darkhollow HelmHelmetGolgoroth | Oryx
Darkhollow ArmsArmsWarpriest | Daughters | Oryx
Darkhollow ChestChestTotems | Warpriest | Daughters
Darkhollow BootsBootsTotems | Warpriest | Golgoroth
Darkhollow Class ItemClass ItemOpening | Totems

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King's Fall Completion Triumphs

You'll need to clear the King's Fall raid under certain conditions to claim the Kingslayer title. Most of these challenges should be familiar to most seasoned raiders, so we'll be collapsing most of these Triumphs into one section. Here's every completion challenge tied to this title:

  • King's Fall: Complete the raid.
  • King's Ransom: Find all three hidden chests throughout the raid.
    • Check our raid guide for chest locations.
  • Court of Jesters: Complete the raid with a full fireteam of clanmates.
  • Spark of Defiance: Clear King's Fall with a full fireteam of Arc subclasses.
  • Sunburst: Clear King's Fall with a full fireteam of Solar subclasses.
  • The Abyssal Society: Clear King's Fall with a full fireteam of Void subclasses.
  • Hive Mind: Clear King's Fall with a full fireteam of the same class.
  • If you haven't cleared the King's Fall raid just yet, check out our King's Fall guide for in-depth breakdowns of each encounter. As for the elemental subclass Triumphs, you can swap your subclass before the chest spawns. So long as everyone in your team does this, it'll grant credit to your fireteam.

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    King's Fall Challenges

    This section explains what each challenge requires. For strategies and tips for beating these challenges, consult our King's Fall challenges guide.

    We've covered every King's Fall challenge in our challenges guide, so we'll be focusing on what each challenge requires for this section. Consult our King's Fall challenges guide for tips on how to complete each challenge.

    Controlled DunksComplete the Hall of Souls encounter while never letting the same players deposit relics until everyone else has.
    The Grass Is Always GreenerDuring the Totems encounter, swap sides when you deposit Deathsinger's Power.
    OverzealousComplete the Basilica encounter while never allowing more than one player to stand near a Totem.
    Devious ThieveryDuring the Warpriest encounter, you must swap the Brand within five seconds of obtaining the "Brand Claimer" buff.
    Brand BusterComplete the Warpriest encounter while never letting the same player obtain the Brand until everyone else has.
    Gaze AmazeDuring the Golgoorth encounter, players with the "Golgoroth's Gaze" buff must swap buffs while standing in a Pool of Light.
    Taking TurnsComplete the Golgoroth encounter while never letting the same player taunt Golgoroth until everyone else has.
    Under ConstructionDuring the Daughters encounter, you cannot stand on the same plate twice until a piece of the Blightguard has been claimed.
    The Floor is LavaComplete the Daughters encounter while never letting a Torn Between Dimensions player touch the ground.
    Hands OffDuring the Oryx boss fight, you cannot kill the same Light-Eater Knight or Light-Eater Ogre twice.
    Overwhelming PowerComplete the Oryx encounter by detonating enough bombs to trigger the last stand in the same round.

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    One True King

    One True King: Complete the Master tier of "King's Fall."

    The Master variant of King's Fall is slightly more difficult than the standard version. Every Champion type is present, the Power requirement is +20 over the Pinnacle cap, and Match Game is enabled. Those modifiers sound brutal if you're new to endgame content, but anyone who's farmed GM Nightfalls shouldn't be phased by this. No mechanical differences are present, and challenges are not forced upon you.

    Your Power Level will have a major impact on this raid's difficulty. Try to aim under ten levels below the listed Power requirement. This will make enemies slightly tougher but far from tanky. Past that, coordinate with your fireteam to counter each Champion and shield type. We cover specific Champions per encounter in our main King's Fall guide.

    As for specific tips:

    • General Tips: Spec for 100 Resilience, use DR mods on your chest armor, and have someone use the Aeon Exotic gauntlets to spawn Heavy ammo in a pinch.
      • If you're struggling with adds due to Power Level differences, use Trinity Ghoul. This weapon one-taps fodder enemies in Contest Mode (-25 Power).
    • Totems: Bring a method of healing and use Machine Guns. Thunderlord and Legendary MGs are fantastic for this part.
    • Warpriest: Position your Well beside the Warpriest or the left-hand platform. This should drastically reduce how often the Warpriest strafes away from you during the DPS phase.
      • You should also use Linear Fusion Rifles and the Nightstalker's Shadowshot Super to maximize your DPS.
      • Golgoroth: Gaze holders should damage Pools of Light whenever possible to assist the DPS team. At least one DPS player should be a Titan using Ward of Dawn. Refresh Weapons of Light after each Pool of Light.
        • You can also spawn Elemental Wells from the fodder enemies that spawn in the pit, giving you easy access to Font of Might.
        • Daughters: Throw a grenade or use a Super during DPS to take care of the adds.
        • Oryx: After a DPS phase, if your team is low on ammo, consider stalling your next DPS phase by only detonating one orb.
          • In essence, pop one orb instead of four. Repeat until you have enough ammo to kill Oryx.
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            King Of Kings

            King of Kings: Complete all encounter challenges in the Master tier of "King's Fall."

            King of Kings requires you to complete every rotating challenge tied to King's Fall. The static challenges do not count for this Triumph. As the name would imply, the rotating challenges change every weekly reset.

            • The Grass Is Always Greener: Players depositing Deathsinger's Power must swap sides.
              • Kill the opposite Brand Claimer Knight when you're done depositing. Everything else stays the same.
            • Devious Thievery: You must swap buffs within five seconds of grabbing the Brand Claimer effect.
              • We recommend having your DPS team meet your Brand Claimer halfway.
              • This is the hardest challenge.
              • Gaze Amaze: Gaze holders must jump into a Pool of Light before their buff is taken.
                • Do this when your buff has three seconds remaining.
                • Under Construction: You can't stand on the same plate twice while someone is Torn. Once the Torn player grabs a Blightguard piece, you can stand on the plate again.
                  • To ensure you don't fail the challenge, have plate holders rotate clockwise each time a Blightguard piece is recovered.
                  • Hands Off: The same person can't kill Light-Eater Knights or Ogres twice throughout the whole encounter.
                    • Plate holders must kill their respective Knight and Ogre. After each DPS phase, have plate holders rotate clockwise. If something goes wrong, have a roamer take their place.
                    • Knights that spawn atop plates do not count, only Light-Eaters.
                    • For more tips and in-depth breakdowns, consult our King's Fall challenges guide.

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