Destiny 2’s Solar 3.0 Rework Revealed In New Trailer

Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted returns Guardians to the Leviathan to excise new Nightmares and old foes. It also brings the long-awaited Solar ability rework that has been hinted at for the past several months. The Witch Queen’s Void ability rework has been extremely successful–to the point where most Guardians have been using Void exclusively since the DLC dropped last February–but now it’s time for Solar 3.0 to steal the show.

Operation: Caliente, as Bungie designer Mike Humbolt called it in the trailer, sees Solar abilities receive the same Aspects and Fragments system that started in Beyond Light's Stasis abilities and continued with Void 3.0. Not every Aspect was detailed in the trailer and no Fragments were shown, but if they're anything like the Void rework, Guardians will see some familiar faces in Solar 3.0 but with some new tricks.

As with the Void rework, every Solar subclass now has access to every grenade, which means Titans and Hunters can throw Healing grenades now. Besides that, Solar Grenades now throw out tiny fireballs in addition to the swirling ball of Solar energy.

Everyone has at least one new ability, with Warlocks receiving a Generator Snap, Hunters Gunpowder Gamble, and Titans a twin-hammer ground slam that launches a wave of flame from the impact zone. With the Warlock snap, five fire tendrils seek out targets or home in on a single target, burning anything that isn't immediately incinerated. Hunters, meanwhile, get a new Gunpowder Gamble grenade that can stick to walls or enemies and can be shot out of the air like a true space cowboy.

It looks like the Solar super abilities are largely unchanged, but Bungie has been fairly secretive with Season of the Haunted, so Guardians might discover some significant alterations the first time they launch into their Solar super abilities after the patch drops.

In the Season of the Haunted trailer, we see that Calus has returned as the infested Leviathan orbits the Moon. What is Calus after, and how can the Guardians stop him? Find out in the new Sever mission and the all-new dungeon that launches on Friday.

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