Destruction AllStars: Every Playable AllStar, Ranked (And Their Unique Abilities)

The PlayStation Plus lineup for February is available for all to download, bringing three new titles for subscribers to enjoy. Concrete Genie, Control, and Destruction AllStars are this month’s offerings, making one of the strongest lineups for the service in a single month. Those looking for a new title on their PlayStation 5 can hop into the multiplayer madness Destruction AllStars for a competitive, colorful experience.

With 16 different characters to choose from, it can be hard to pinpoint which AllStars are the most effective. If trying them out one by one doesn’t sound enticing, check out this list we’ve compiled of each of the game’s starting AllStars, ranked from worst to best.

Sgt. Rescue

  • Hero Vehicle: Smoke Commander
  • Breaker: Smoke Cloud

The most disappointing AllStar in the roster is Sgt. Rescue. With one of the largest vehicles in the game, Smoke Commander serves as little more than a massive target for opposing players. Its Breaker deals no damage, only obscuring enemy vision and radar when he hits them. In a game centered around demolishing the competition, this mechanic isn’t very effective, especially when other characters can continue to drive and wreck him even when blinded. His on foot Breaker is just as lackluster, with a suit that blinds enemies around him temporarily.

 Angelo Avello

  • Hero Vehicle: Number One
  • Breaker: Flashbulbs

Sgt. Rescue is useless in almost all scenarios; Angelo is only helpless in most of them. His vehicle-Number One, allows him to target, track and deal more damage to an enemy of his choosing. While this may sound powerful, the is situational and only works well in select encounters. This ability only targets one enemy, and unless Angelo can track them down, it’s useless. His Breaker, Flashbulbs, blinds enemies and hampers hearing. This is entirely dependant on how well he parkours in the process, though. Players are better off picking a character with a bit more versatility.


  • Hero Vehicle: Xero
  • Breaker: Infrared Sight

While Xander performs better than Sgt Rescue and Angelo in the arena, he’s still woefully underpowered. His vehicle, Xero, lets him target an opponent and deal more damage to them. If he wrecks them, he’ll gain rewards. His Breaker, Infrared Sight, is solid, placing traps as he runs while giving him the ability to see through walls. Unlike the previous entries that feel lost amongst the more powerful cast members, there’s potential for improvement.


  • Hero Vehicle: Cerberus
  • Breaker: Fire Barge

Fuego offers a more rounded skillset than the previous entries. While there are more appealing options in the roster, he offers various bonuses with his moves. His vehicle, Cerberus, engulfs itself in flames, burning anyone who touches it when the Breaker is active. This move deals damage over time to other cars. Fuego’s ultimate gives him plenty of time to wrack up points by hitting all opponents with a substantial activation length. His Breaker leaves a pool of fire after every barge, letting him hurt players on foot and in vehicles when they cross them.


  • Hero Vehicle: Cypher
  • Breaker: Invisibility

Shyft serves as one of the founding members of the Destruction AllStars circuit. Knowing this, it’s unsurprising that he’s a solid entry in the roster. Cypher, the silent racer, specializes in guerilla warfare, hitting opponents while under cover of his cloaking technology. While cloaking is active, Shyft and his vehicle disappear from the enemy radar and are almost impossible to see. His Breaker lets him move about the field undetected with Invisibility, which is great for slipping out of a tense situation.


  • Hero Vehicle: The Undisputed
  • Breaker: Damage Immunity

Ultimo Barricado is a bastion of defense. His vehicle, The Undisputed, serves as a moving shield. When its Breaker is active, it gains an impenetrable shield. All damage to the front of the Vehicle is nullified. This allows Ultimo to tear through traps, vehicles, and characters with ease. His Breaker grants him Damage Immunity when it is active, making him a hard character to take down in or out of his vehicle. While he isn’t the most overpowered character, he’s incredibly balanced and a reliable pick for newcomers.


  • Hero Vehicle: Boxmobile
  • Breaker: Parcel Deployment

The Minimum Wage Warrior, Boxtop, is easily the goofiest member of the AllStars crew. Thankfully, he’s got moves as strong as his character design. The Boxmobile’s Breaker attaches drones to enemy vehicles that explode after Boxtop hits them. This gives his hits an added kick. Because the Boxmobile is so small, it’s a tough target to track down. On foot, Boxtop’s Breaker leaves parcels that buff allies and stun enemies. With so many moves at his disposal, it’s unsurprising that he’s almost always selected online.


  • Hero Vehicle: CRASHendo
  • Breaker: Supersonic Barge Blast

While Boxtop is an excellent choice with fan support, Harmony is an underused gem. This jazzy contender offers a kit that revolves around music. Her CRASHendo’s Breaker shoots supersonic waves at opponents through the many speakers in her car. These do resounding damage to enemies in a sizable radius. This Breaker is especially effective in Carnado and Mayhem. When on foot, her Supersonic Barge Blast Breaker shoots supersonic waves that hit enemies from range.


  • Hero Vehicle: Callisto
  • Breaker: Max Speed

The Destruction AllStars league champion, Genesis, is the fastest character in her vehicle and on foot. In a game that centers around crushing opponents, speed is essential. Her car, Callisto, has a Breaker that gives her a massive boost, allowing her to crush anything in her path. This can be used for quick getaways or annihilating enemies. Her on foot Breaker lets her do the same, speeding to gems and avoiding damage is a breeze for this racer, and she’s a solid choice for any player.

Twinkle Riot

  • Hero Vehicle: Mr. Sparkles
  • Breaker: Barge Over

Genesis is impressive, but there are few characters with a higher skill ceiling than Twinkle Riot. This cosplayer turned destruction derby racer offers a kit that is hard to learn but rewarding to master. Her Hero Vehicle, Mr. Sparkles, has a Breaker that operates on a rage meter. Its bumpers do more damage with a heavier hit. The bigger the hit, the more the rage meter fills up. Players who can stockpile the rage will dole out absurd amounts of damage. Twinkle Riot’s Breaker allows her to barge rapidly when on foot, hitting opponents repeatedly without a cooldown. It’s a kit that will take some practice but offers room for growth.


  • Hero Vehicle: Gravitron
  • Breaker: Particle Field

Muna is Destruction Allstars’ most durable character. Her Hero Vehicle, Gravitron, has the highest base health in the game. On top of this, its Breaker creates a magnetic field that absorbs debris on the field for additional protection. Once Gravitron is on the field, getting rid of it is no easy task. While on foot, Muna’s breaker activates a Particle Field. Items will come to her, and traps will activate when she is near them. Those looking for a character that’s hard to kill will love playing Muna.


  • Hero Vehicle: Sabre
  • Breaker: One Hit KO

An offensive anomaly, Hana is opposed by few in damage output. Her Hero Vehicle: Sabre comes with several impressive attributes. This sleek car’s Breaker transforms the center of the Vehicle into a katana. If she hits an enemy ride at high speed, it gets sliced in two instantly. This is one of the most powerful Breakers in the game. When paired with her on foot Breaker, one that allows her to instantly KO any rider after barging them, Hana is possibly the best offensive character in the entire roster.


  • Hero Vehicle: Barong
  • Breaker: Concussion Blast

While Hana is certainly one of the strongest characters in the game, several others are out for the title. One of these top tier racers is Ratu. This Indonesian boxer hits just as hard on foot as in her car, firing off a Concussive Blast when her Breaker is unleashed. Anyone hit by this move is knocked to the ground. Her on foot Breaker is formidable, but her Hero Vehicle, Barong, is in a class of its own. Unlike other Hero Vehicle Breakers, Ratu’s only charges while damaging opponents. Once it’s ready, Countdown can be unleashed. This move releases a radial blast that hurts opponents in the blast zone. The closer players are, the more damage it deals. She’s one to keep an eye on.


  • Hero Vehicle: Wildfire
  • Breaker: Fire Trail

Another offensive specialist, Lupita, takes out enemies by impacting her surroundings. Her Hero Vehicle, Wildfire, leaves a trail of fire the roasts any cars that touch it. It’s a quick way to burn the competition to a crisp. With this move, she can focus on avoiding damage while her ride does the heavy lifting. On foot, she lets a Fire Trail loose that can KO riders and burns cars. Newcomers and Veterans can demolish the competition with this powerhouse.


  • Hero Vehicle: Morningstar
  • Breaker: Proximity Mines

The Destruction AllStar league owner’s son, Jian, is also one of the competition’s fiercest drivers. With his Hero Vehicle, MorningStar’s Breaker, he can impale any that come close and protect himself in the process. With one of the game’s speediest Hero Vehicles, he’s hard to catch and harder to evade. His on foot Breaker leaves Proximity Mines that damage any who come close. He’s a character who outshines almost any other in and out of his ride.


  • Hero Vehicle: Shredder
  • Breaker: Knockdown

Other top tiers are strong but balanced. Bluefang’s power is outright broken. His on foot-breaker knocks any who comes in contact with him down, and while this is manageable, his Shredder is not. His Hero Vehicle, Shredder, can instantly KO any car in the game with its metal teeth. This includes other Hero Vehicles. No matter who it is, one touch to the front of this car when its breaker is active will spell certain death. Players are hard-pressed to find a game where Bluefang isn’t on the top of the leaderboard. Hopefully, Lucid will balance this character so that he isn’t so overwhelmingly powerful.

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