Dino Crisis Is Back… In A Mobile Card Game

Dino Crisis is back, but probably not in the way you were hoping. It's part of a new crossover with Teppen, a mobile card battle game developed by Capcom and GungHo Online Entertainment.

It's adding a new set called the Jurassic Rampage in September which brings in Dino Crisis characters like Regina as well as a new Invasion ability that lets you "move Unit Cards… to the EX Pocket". They then appear on the field after 13 seconds. There's art for Ada Wong, Leon Kennedy, Regina, and even Hunk.

The Jurassic Rampage crossover also brings in Edward Kirk under the alias of "Third Energy Genius Kirk". His flavour text reads, "Look upon the flood of golden light! My experiment is a success. Yes… this is MY doing. MY name will go down in history – as the creator of the ultimate form of energy!"

Then there's the Agents' Alliance, a card that pairs Leon and Regina together – the two come from totally different universes of zombies and dinosaurs, but it's fun to imagine them finally crossing over after all this time.

"The recoil of their guns pounded through their backs, a tangible confirmation of the trust they had in each other. The enemy fell one after another, as if the battle were a scene from a movie made just for them."

"President's Agent Leon" also gets his own card that gives him a goal in this crossover, as well as art that depicts him kicking a dinosaur in the face: "My mission is to reach the objective while limiting damage to the greatest extent possible. Minimize enemy contacts and search for a route with caution. The target, the Goddess' Birdcage, must be here."

Alongside Leon and Regina, the Jurassic Rampage set brings Dino Crisis music into Teppen, so even though the series isn't back just yet, you can get your nostalgia kicks in. Luckily, it looks like Capcom hasn't entirely forgotten about Dino Crisis, but whether we ever see a fourth game, remake, or reboot, remains to be seen.

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