Disgaea 6 – Early Leveling Guide

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  • Grind Rich Man’s Plaza
  • Auto-Battle and Auto-Repeat
  • Use The Cheat Shop
  • Super Reincarnate

Power Levelling is usually a thing you would do in the post-game of Disgaea 6. Whilst this is still somewhat true, Disgaea 6 has much more of a focus on gaining levels quickly – even in the early game. It even has numerous systems that play into this to ensure you can gain a vast amount of power in the shortest amount of time.

This makes Disgaea 6 the easiest game to grind in, and it also makes it one of the only games where you can level up effectively almost from the get-go. In fact, one of the most effective places to grind for a large portion of the game can be found in the first chapter (after the tutorial). We are going to tell you how to make the most of it.

Grind Rich Man’s Plaza

Rich Man’s Plaza is the third level of the first Chapter. It is incredibly short and contains a single high-levelled enemy. Narratively speaking, this fight has Zed and Co. fighting an immortal ex-hero over and over again to gain EXP in a fairly comical way.

The thing is, this works in reality too. It’s not just a story bit. If you go back to this level, you can kill Yarmada over, and over again, and due to his abnormally high EXP reward in addition to the +50 percent EXP Geo Panel he is standing on, you will level up very quickly.

You can level up so quickly that you will reach four digits in under five minutes. This will only get faster the further you progress too, and faster still if you use other nefarious methods in addition.

Auto-Battle and Auto-Repeat

One of the best additions to Disgaea 6 is the concept of Auto-Battling. In older games, you had to manually beat every fight, and it was a nuisance to do – especially when you did the same fight hundreds of times over to power level. Well, Disgaea 6 lets you set it aside and do something else. It will even repeat the battle for you, allowing you to eat some lunch (or in my case, write this guide) and still make progress.

To activate these systems, simply go into the Settings, and turn them on – then you are good to go. You can also turn off animations, increase movement speed, and increase the battle speed in general – all the way to x32 (although it will require some Dark Assembly nonsense to get that high).

Use The Cheat Shop

The Cheat Shop is a returning feature that lets you mess with the game’s balance. This system is intended to be used, so don’t be put off because of the name. You can lower your Mana, or Class Proficiency gains, and then pump those points into EXP gain. From around Chapter Four, you should be able to give yourself +200 percent EXP, which speeds up your levelling even more.

This map scales incredibly well if you use the Cheat Shop to increase the ingame difficulty to +20. You can get your squad to level 9999 fairly quickly if you use auto-battler. This gets more effective the further you are in the story as you can increase your Bonus EXP to even higher heights.

Super Reincarnate

Once your levelling slows down at Rich Man’s Plaza, it might be time to Super Reincarnate. Wait until you have around 5000 Mana, and then get it done. Reset to level one and then go at it again. Infinite power is within your grasp.

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