Disgaea 6 – Misedor Character Guide

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Disgaea 6 is hardly short on characters to mess around with. With over 20 playable classes and almost as many unique characters, once you start adding in secret cameos and DLC, there is a lot to sink your teeth into. The only problem with all of this is, of course, who do you even use? There are just so many!

Well, you can’t go wrong with the main cast as they are, for the most part, way more powerful than most classes you can create yourself. Misedor is the first character who will join your band, and he is no exception to this rule. The Money King is ludicrous narratively, and mechanically.

Who Is Misedor?

Misedor is the King of the Human World. He is a bafflingly rich individual whose entire personality can be summed up in one word – money. We are fairly certain that every sentence uttered by this chap contained the word, and you better believe he has mechanics that are directly tied to your wallet.

He does grow over time, but even in his base form, he is a well-done parody who quickly became one of our favourites.

Why Use Misedor?

Misedor is ridiculously powerful in Disgaea 6. His stats will almost certainly be the highest in the game for the longest time. He hits like a truck, he can take more punishment than anyone, and he even has some amazing utility thanks to his access to Healing magic as standard. Imagine a filthy rich paladin, and you are not far off.

What Weapon Does Misedor Use?

Misedor, like every character in Disgaea, has weapons he is especially handy with. His masteries are:


Misedor is a monster with both Swords and Axes – although we do prefer to run him with an Axe. Not only that, but he is surprisingly good with Staves, meaning you could potentially run him as a healer if you wanted to, as he would benefit greatly from the bonus RES.

Misedor’s Unique Evilities

Misedor has two unique evilities, and they are:

Millionaire MonarchIncrease Stat by 5% per Digit of HL owned
Hero KingIncrease damage dealt by 5% per ally unit on the map

Millionaire Monarch is why you bring Misedor. That 5% bonus per digit of HL is beyond silly. You will have trillions of HL by the end of the game, and Misedor’s stats increase accordingly. There are no two ways about this – this Evility is monstrous.

Hero King, whilst not as amazing as Millionaire Monarch, is still fantastic. You can run 10 characters per map, which means Misedor is getting a +45 percent damage bonus (he does not grant himself a boost). Misedor will be hitting like a truck.

Misedor’s Unique Attacks

Misedor’s Skills are unfortunately not the greatest in terms of damage – probably because of his Evilities. They are, however, worth a look.

Remember that Misedor also has access to Healing magic in addition to his unique abilities.

Bourgeois KnuckleCATKNone0N/A
King CannonCATKNone4N/A
Golden StatueCATKNone0Cone
Let There Be Light!BATKNone0Cross

How To Use Misedor

Misedor is a stat monster. He will be stacking stats faster than anyone else, and he can lay the smackdown as a result. Not only that, but Misedor is tanky. He is likely going to be the last person alive in a scrap, and this is a good thing.

Misedor is an ideal frontline fighter. You want him in the middle of a brawl and duking it out with everyone. He is way too tough to die in most instances. Consider equipping a few pairs of boots to increase his movement. Misedor leading the charge is like a brick wall falling – it’s glorious.

Misedors healing can also be very effective. Even if he is using an Axe, his Evilities will boost his RES as much as any other stat, making him surprisingly effective if you invest the time (and mana).

Not only that, some of Misedor’s unlockable Evilities (not on his unique – always equipped list) allow him to heal allies who stand near him every turn. Misedor starts strong and only gets stronger as time goes on.

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