Dislyte: Mona – Best Relics And Build

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Starting out playing Dislyte can feel pretty daunting. There are so many ways to battle, so many ways to improve your Espers, and so many Espers to choose from. But the game does a good job of steering you through those early experiences with some set content – including giving you four-star Esper Mona early on in the main story.

If you’re a F2P player, Mona could be the only four-star character you have for a while – only being slightly overshadowed by your first legendary five-star (either Li Ling or Tang Xuan). But just because everyone gets her early in the game doesn’t mean she can’t go the distance. Unlike some other Espers you’ll see early in the game, it’s not surprising to see Mona in some top-level squads.

Mona’s Abilities And Strengths

Mona is categorised as a Fighter in your Esper list. This means her primary role is as a DPS squad member, dealing big damage while her teammates keep everyone alive or manipulate and control other aspects of the battle. Her abilities are:

  • Lunar Hail (cooldown: three turns): Attempts to hit each enemy, dealing them up to 115 percent ATK damage when successful. C.DMG is also increased by 30 percent.
  • Hunter’s Mark (cooldown: three turns): Attacks all opponents, dealing 70 percent ATK to all targets hit – and healing her for up to 30 percent of the damage she deals. Once you have Ascended her to phase three, it also steals ten percent of enemy AP.
  • Moonshot (basic attack): Targets a single enemy and deals up to 130 percent of Mona’s ATK as damage. If this attack kills an enemy, she gets an extra turn.
  • Captain Ability: Increases the ATK skill of all allies by 24 percent.

She is capable of some serious damage against groups, especially early in the wave and when her crits land. She also has a decent self-heal that also hits enemy squads hard, while Moonshot makes her perfect for picking-off weak targets later in the battle.

Resonance: Which Statistics Should I Increase?

It’s not easy finding extra copies of Mona, but if you are lucky with your Echo Spins, you’ll want to use duplicates to upgrade her by using Resonate (under the Growth tab). You have three options here – ATK, DEF and HP. As Mona is all about the DPS, and all her damage output is predicated on her ATK skill, boosting her ATK here is really the only sensible option.

Which Relic Sets Are Best For Mona?

One of the beauties of Mona is her simplicity. She has a clearly defined role in your squad, so you simply need to maximise her strengths rather than overcomplicate matters. That said, there are a few ways to do this:

  • War Machine (Una): This set gives her a 30 percent boost to her ATK skill. As all her damage is based on this stat, this is an obvious and powerful option.
  • Hades (Una): Alternatively, you can instead support her self-heal capabilities with the Hades set. This allows her to gain HP equal to 35 percent of the damage she deals.
  • Fiery Incandescence (Mui): Espers that do many of their attacks against multiple targets really benefit from C.RATE Up abilities such as this (20 percent) – especially if they’re DPS units. After all, more critical hits means more devastation.
  • Sword Avatara (Mui): If you’ve instead opted for the Hades option, this is an interesting alternative to experiment with. It gives a 25 percent chance to counterattack when taking damage, maximising your Lifesteal potential.

If you can maximise Mona’s ATK skill via Relics, and don’t feel you need to improve her self-healing ability, a great alternative is to instead boost her critical hit damage potential via the Hammer of Thor (Una) set. If you do, be sure to pair it with Fiery Incandescence (above).

Relic Sub Stats

When you’re looking at potential Relics to equip, the areas covered above should be your first concerns where available – ATK, ATK Bonus, C.RATE and C.DMG. It’s almost always worth looking for SPD as the main stat on your Mui II Relic, but otherwise an ATK option will be best. Generally, the higher level you get the more advantage ATK Bonus has over ATK – but you can experiment by swapping them out and looking at how it affects the stat.

How To Play Mona

Early on, when leveling your other new Espers, she’s great for farming experience in story practice modes – especially if you equip her with the Hades Relic set. But she is useful in many other areas of the game, so don’t be shy in promoting her all the way up to level 60 if you stick with her in your squads. It won’t be a decision you regret.

Outside the story, you’ll find her a solid choice versus Kronos (in the Ritual Miracle) as you level up, but generally she isn’t great in boss battles due to her reliance on hitting multiple targets to maximise damage. She also excels in the Spatial Tower (Infinite Miracle), Cube Miracle and Point War – both on defence (the AI tends to work fine for her) and attack. Who doesn’t want a self-healing damage machine in their squad?

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