Don’t Starve Together: 10 Best Strategies For Team Survival

Klei Entertainment’s Don’t Starve Together was the perfect way to open up the original game in a multiplayer format. Now the challenge of surviving Don’t Starve‘s fantastical, horror-filled world can be burdened across multiple players.

But this doesn’t have to present more difficulty. In fact, having more players will actually make survival in Don’t Starve Together a much easier task.

10 Create The Ultimate Team

Choosing the ultimate team members can seem like a daunting task, especially when it comes to survival. But Don’t Starve Together makes it easy. Each character comes with a special bonus that’s unique to that character, making it easy to choose different characters that bring variety to the table.

For example, Wilson and Woodie are both well-rounded characters, built for any task. Wigfrid and Wolfgang are excellent in combat and therefore make great hunters. Willow and Wes, while lacking in seemingly basic survival skills, are good at collecting, which is a vital portion of the game. If players combine these attributes together, they’ll find themselves a well-balanced, ready-for-anything team.

9 Specialize Tasks

Division of labor is essential to surviving as a team. When everyone collects food there will be no one left to defend the camp when monsters attack. Tasks need to be split up. There are many facets of the game to consider when dividing tasks: food collection, defensive buildings and weapons, farming, science and technology, and combat, just to name a few. One player cannot handle one (much less several) of these tasks without risking the game.  Therefore dividing up the day-to-day tasks is an efficient strategy for maximum resources and survival.

8 Spread Out

One of the biggest challenges of Don’t Starve Together is discovering the map. It’s massive and shows where some important resources are. It also shows the different terrains, which house different types of resources. With just one player, discovering the entire map would take days in the game, if ever. By having multiple players explore the map the task will be finished quickly. Once all the players know where resources are, Don’t Starve Together becomes a much easier challenge.

7 Use The Chests

This is a very basic tool but it can be extremely useful. The inventory space for each character is rather small, even with an added backpack. Chests are almost mandatory in this game for that reason. But with more and more chests, players can specialize and sort items more effectively.

This makes it easier to craft things and more prepared in the event of an emergency. It’s also easier to have sorted chests — knowing where items are when they’re needed instead of having to search for them is a major convenience.

6 Keep Your Enemies Closer

They say to “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” and in Don’t Starve Together this motto stands true. The intimidating Beefalo can be a combat menace when provoked. But when interacted with peacefully or even tamed, these beasts can be a real help. A smart strategy is to choose territory near Beefalo settlements for a base camp. Not only do these creatures provide manure for farms, but they will fight nearby monsters, eliminating a lot of combat for players. Though the instinct is to avoid them, keeping the Beefalo close is a much better strategy.

5 Love The Monsters

Monsters are terrifying and can certainly ruin an entire game of Don’t Starve Together. But they have their uses too. Their meat can be extremely useful on multiple fronts. Firstly, it can be used as bait for meat-eating creatures, such as Spiders of Buzzards. Secondly, monster meat can be cooked with other ingredients to provide a surprisingly high level of sustenance. Though it does lower players’ health and sanity, the effects are strongly lowered when the meat is cooked. So in worst-case scenarios, monster meat is better than no meat.

4 Mods, Mods, Mods

One of the most exciting things about Don’t Starve Together is the prevalence and use of various mods to enhance the game. There are so many to choose from that it can be overwhelming.

But with mods like adding various resources or making it so that all players are visible on the map, who wouldn’t want to play with them? Like the multiplayer visibility on the map, mods can be extremely useful for team-based strategy. Without these, the game can be a lot more difficult.

3 Stable Base Camp

Just like any real fight for survival, having a stable base camp is essential. Players need a space to return to and drop their loot and resources. The science and alchemy machines need to have a safe placement so they can be used effectively. It also provides a defensive position at nighttime and when monsters come to call.

Building objects like walls will provide further defense. The base camp is also a convenient place to grow and store food, craft items, and act as a rendezvous point for all players. Without this, players will have to fend for themselves from turn to turn and play a more isolated game.

2 Be Green

The Don’t Starve Together map can sometimes be scant of resources (or hard to find), so the easiest way to make sure players have enough resources is to plant more. Whether it’s grass, twigs, or trees, these resources need to be replanted — otherwise, they’ll be very difficult to find. Replanting or keeping farms of these resources near base camp is an excellent way to keep these vital and common ingredients close at hand, especially for a team. It ensures a supply for when the demand is there.

1 Winter Is Coming

Arguably one of the biggest challenges of Don’t Starve Together is surviving the winter days. One of the biggest difficulties of this season is keeping the players from freezing — this means preparation. Crafting warm clothing, keeping fire close at hand, and carrying a Thermal stone are all excellent ways to combat the cold. In addition, new monsters are introduced, so being ready for combat is vital. Winter is a tough part of the game, but with ample preparation, teams can be ready for anything.

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