Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Infamous Android 21 (Lab Coat) Might Be Banned From Play During Combo Breaker 2022

ComboBreaker is considering banning Android 21 (Lab Coat) from its upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament.

As anyone who's played against Ultra Instinct Goku can attest to, overpowered characters are nothing new to Dragon Ball FighterZ meta. That being said, the game's most recent DLC addition, Android 21 (Lab Coat), is by far the most overpowered and hated character in the game's roster, thanks to a unique debuffing move, 21 frame command grab, and similar strengths to other fighters in the roster with less effort.

All of this combines to make an extremely unbalanced character that many pro players have had to take up playing in order to stand a chance against others using her. It's gotten so bad that the organisers for Combo Breaker are considering banning the character from the tournament altogether.

TheHadou, the director for Combo Breaker, Tweeted, "DBFZ players: We are reviewing Lab Coat 21 being in play for CB2022. We have not made a decision but will update you officially next week". As we said, overpowered characters have been a part of Dragon Ball FighterZ even since it released, but seeing a character getting banned from a tournament is truly the height of being broken.

A Twitter poll in response to TheHadou's Tweet about possibly banning Android 21 currently has players voting whether or not Android 21 should be banned from the tournament, or if we should "let her rock". Over 1,400 players have voted as of the time of writing, and the results show that 61.3 percent of players want the character to be banned from Combo Breaker, while 38.2 percent think that she should be allowed to compete.

Some of the arguments presented for why Android 21 should be allowed include the fact that Combo Breaker is so close that it would be unfair on the players who have trained with her, while others are saying that she needs to be banned from play as she's breaking the game's meta and making competitive play uninteresting to watch.

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